I heart Zumba

Posted on June 13, 2011


I know it will come as no surprise when I announce to the world my love for Zumba … my previous posts, Calling all Zumba virgins and Lessons in life, Latino-style say it all … 

And no wonder … with my two left feet and complete lack of rhythm combined with the easiest of sequences that make Zumba what it is, it was love at first sight.  Throw in the fab feel-good tunes of every single track and I actually feel like a backer on a worldwide tour.

Tomorrow, the 14th June at 9am, a Dutch Zumba star, Jorianne, will be strutting her Shakira hips and stepping it up to Jay-Z at Studio Fitness in JBR for a special, one-off master class. Needless to say, I plan to be there and my excitement is starting to build as I type …

Then tomorrow at 4pm, there’s even a ZumbAtomic Masterclass, especially for kids from age 4-12. The format of the class is based around a too cool for school character called Mr Tonic who discovers that the key to happiness is dance, music and exercise … enter ZumbAtomic! It’s fun, it’s healthy and I can think of no better afternoon activity I would have liked to do when I was a little kid …. or a big kid in fact.

So if you, like me, are a big kid with an allergy to office hours … or offices full stop for that matter … and can spend an hour dancing at 9am … or if you’re a mum with some hours to yourself after dropping your brood off at school … or if a duvet day is long overdue and you think you can get away with a ‘me’ day, check it out … I heart Zumba and I know you will too.

Perhaps see you there tomorrow?

Call 04 439 0403 or drop into the studio at the Plaza Level of Murjan 3, JBR.

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