Past times & pancakes

Posted on June 16, 2011


Once upon a time, I was rarely out the water …. all thanks to being brought up in Hong Kong, with a warm climate and a great pool just steps from my bedroom … oh and a youth as a competitive swimmer.  To this day, I remember in acute detail, being woken by my parents at half four or so in the mornings and being taken to training. Two hours and a quick shower later, I would wolf down pancakes and maple syrup before my ride to school.

And then late afternoons, training would re-commence. Gruelling sessions in an environment where if we skiived off, a regular punishment would be to go into a neighbouring pool, another 25m, by ourselves and swim continuous butterfly without stopping for what seemed like a lifetime.

It certainly kept me fit!  And I had hundreds of medals, dozens of trophies and amazing opportunities to compete all over Asia.

But I eventually hit a point when I thought I never want to endure another training session again … and I’ve remained pretty true to that since. I rarely even swim lengths and tend to just float around instead … anything too rigorous after all, might cause flimsy bikinis to hang free and what adult in their right mind wants to wear an unflattering all in one?!

But tonight I went to Dubai Masters Swimming Club …. succumbed to my many promises to Seth, the rather charming and devilishly handsome coach.  And I have to admit, it was really quite enjoyable.

You really do push yourself when surrounded by other great sportsmen, especially, those of the hot triathlete variety!

And it really is great for your fitness levels, particularly I think, as an exercise to regulate your breathing.

And it really is intense as when I’m running, I rarely push myself but tonight I did.

And lastly, it really is such a great antidote to pounding the pavements ….

I got out of the pool and felt a sudden rush of nostalgia. I didn’t bother with the shower, nor did I have the first school bell to reach …. but I did jump in the car and head to the supermarket to quench my hunger with some long-lost pancakes … just for old times sake!

And Seth’s final words to me were that we need to do some work on my stroke so perhaps, just perhaps, I might make a regular appearance. And as luck would have it, I included some new fab new swimwear in my adidas order today!

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