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Posted on June 18, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE

As the weather gets hotter it becomes more and more tempting to ditch going out for lunch … ditch any lunchtime activities requiring much energy or outdoor time all together … and opt instead for a desk-delivered gourmet picnic from our local sushi joint.

And whilst this may save our spending the rest of the day feeling hot and dishevelled, our hair from turning into a bird’s nest and our skin from resembling a roast tomato, it does little for the size of our behinds.

An entire day spent in the office means the minimum of exercise, excessive time in an air-conditioned environment and as a result, the onset of the afternoon slump caused by inactivity for too much of the day.

The solution?

Staying fit and healthy at your desk of course!

Here’s how …

  • Move it

Do not email your colleague who sits 10m from your desk. Get up and go talk to her!

  • Take the stairs

If only moving a few flights, work your heart and lungs by stepping it up instead of taking the lift

  • H2O call

Set an alarm every hour as a reminder to fill up a large glass of water and try to sip continuously throughout the day

  • Stand tall and talk

Get into the habit of standing up when on the phone.  Even better, walk around whilst you talk

  • Crunch & crunch

Whilst crunching numbers, crunch your abs …. just brace your abs every time you exhale and pull them tight towards your spine without altering your posture

  • Drinks on you

Make an effort to pop on the kettle regularly and make brews for all your team

  • Get nutty

When the 3pm chocolate pangs commence, try with all your might to replace the trip to the vending machine with a home-brought (little!) tupperware of almonds.  So delicious, so energising and oh so very good for you!

  • Plane play

You know those exercises you’re shown on the plane to get your blood flowing and aid circulation?  Do them at your desk … ankle circles, leg stretches, knee lifts, neck rolls … and more

  • Get rid of your chair … if you dare

… and replace with a giant Swiss Ball.  It might take a little getting used to but to keep balanced, you engage your core all day long so think of those bikini abs that’ll make everyone else on the beach green with body envy!

As you can see LOVESTYLE divas, just because you spend all day in an office, doesn’t mean your need surrender to the stale office mindset. Keep your abs engaged, your mind clear and your muscles working – all whilst listening in on conference calls and typing up a power point. We are the queens of multi-tasking after all.

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