All hail to aqua with Gail

Posted on June 19, 2011


Last week, A PT friend mentioned to me that she’d checked out Gail’s Aqua Aerobics and loved it.  I’d already arranged to go this morning but Marianne’s review just fuelled my anticipation as once upon a time, I associated aqua with purple rinses and a class full of people either very overweight or very pregnant.

How wrong I was.

This morning at a very sociable hour of 8.30 I pitched up at Mina Sehayi’s Meridien hotel pool to find 30 or so ladies ready for action.

And I can 100% report that it was super fun and a pretty great workout although thanks to being weightless in the pool and immersed in cool water, I didn’t get that uncomfortable, sluggish, ‘working out in an aga’ feeling that normally goes hand in hand with exercise during our summers.

So I’ve since reframed my previous assumption and decided there are really five types of women who aqua-aerobics would suit and pretty much every woman probably falls into at least one category:

1. Virgin Exercisers

You work out at your own pace and control your own exertion so if wanting to strengthen and tone without the resistance levels of gravity, then aqua is a great option.

2. Big & beautiful

When in the pool, about 85% of your body weight is being supported by the water which means whilst you’re still burning calories and getting a full body workout, you take the stress off your back and legs. For this reason, anyone who has some weight to lose and finds discomfort in land-based exertion should opt for aqua.

3. Silver Surfers

The Dubai landscape doesn’t feature many in the Autumn of their years but if it did, joint pain and arthritis can render gaining any level of physical fitness really taxing but aqua aerobics will actually reduce any inflammation and joint-related pain.  Plus, being submerged in the refreshing fluidity of the pool will help to  relax aches and pains.

4. Rehabilitate & Recover

Aqua aerobics is a fantastic rehabilitation tool because it can be as low-impact as you make it. Many even incorporate it part of their overall fitness regime as an aid to injury prevention.

And the last category?

My category.

5.    Pavement Pounders

… or anyone in fact who normally does the likes of running, bootcamp, netball, tennis and so on.  We have only one body and unfortunately our knees do not come with an old-for-new guarantee yet we often behave like they do.  When running, every step is loaded with three times your body weight … which hits slap bang on hard tarmac and paving stones.

So give your body the love it deserves and try out a session of aqua.  There can be few greater antidotes to running outdoors. The gorgeous pool, fab music, post-workout cuppa & cookies and glorious Gail herself are just the icing on the cake.

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