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Posted on June 27, 2011


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This week, LOVESTYLE divas, is a post about loving the way you look.  Dubai is a city full of beautiful women; we’re a young population and compared to other cities, we have high disposable incomes so have no qualms about treating ourselves regularly at spas, beauty salons and the malls. But … pick up any magazine and there is never a shortage of features that confirm that there are plenty of girls that don’t love the skin they’re in. 

Countless studies now show that the feelings we have now are not down to how slender we are but rather to how much our friends and family focused on our appearance when we were growing up and whether we received compliments or criticism.

But here’s the thing Lovestyle divas … you can’t change your past, but you can change the now so read my top tips and start loving you today!

  • Expand you notion of beauty

Many characteristics make people appealing and most have nothing to do with fitting into a size 8. Even when you focus on physical appearances, the definition of beauty has changed through the ages. To see what era most suits you, sift through different images of beauty as portrayed by different artists. Pay attention to the ancient goddesses who have historically been voluptuous figures with a strong sensuality.

  • Silence your inner critic

Listen to how you talk to yourself and try to replace hateful comments with positive self-talk. Remind yourself also that while you might not be physically perfect, you have features that you like or that you don’t mind. 

If you think about each of your body parts individually, chances are the majority of you is perfectly acceptable.

  • Make your body more powerful

Studies show that when women shift from a focus on looks to a focus on function, they feel more positive about their bodies. This means that exercise must be an important tool for making that change so get moving and feel better about your body!

  • Take a reality check

Try this simple exercise to prove that women frequently overestimate their size; take a piece of string and use a paper clip to mark off how much you think you would need to encircle your waist. Now wrap the string around your waist and mark your real size with another paper clip and notice the difference. Get rid of your fat and skinny clothes too and work with what you have instead; there is zero point holding onto that gorgeous cocktail dress you once managed to squeeze into post a bout of food poisoning!

  • Feign confidence

Stand tall with your head high, your shoulders back and smile! Remember always that YOU matter and that you’re entitled to take up space in the world. Now walk in a way that expresses that attitude.

  • Be kind to your body

Maybe you love the way it feels as you swim or perhaps you relish the way your body moves when you’re dancing. Sensory satisfactions take the emphasis off your appearance and put it on how you experience your body which helps to enhance your appreciation of your physical self. 

For this reason, it’s important to find the time to be kind to yourself; rest when you’re tired, go for a walk after a fight and spend the time to moisturise your body from head to toe after you shower. Eating well will help you feel better about your body too.

So LOVESTYLE divas, try daily to incorporate these tips into your routine and eventually they will become habit.

Love the life you live and love the body you’re in.  It can’t be put more simply than that!

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