Singapore salutations & mindful planning

Posted on July 2, 2011


A few days ago, on my last day in Singapore, I spent a very lovely morning with my sisters and mum at yoga.  We arrived a little late, fell in the door like naughty school girls and immediately lifted the tempo in the room to all-round smiles and animated chatter.

Our mats were alongside each other at the back of the room and we spent the next hour immersed in our sun salutations, downward dogs, eagles poses and tortoise postures interspersed with the odd giggle and snigger.

I took away an important thought from the class which was this:

At the start, the teacher told us, as we quietened our monkey minds and focused on the present, to think of someone close to us, someone special and someone far away.  I thought of our brother Roy.

She then spoke about how these far away loved ones aren’t really very far away at all.  What with email, texts and Skype, we have the opportunity to keep in touch with people like never before.  We can play a role in their day-to-day lives, be there through times of smooth sailing and of rough seas.

And with today’s ease of flying anywhere in the world, in terms of both cost and frequency, we needn’t wait for an annual trip to see the people who matter; visits need not be limited to holiday havoc or big birthdays.

She said we should be mindful of this, not only during the yoga practise to follow but for the remainder of the day and always … be mindful of those we love.

How fitting I thought.  Here we were … the four of us alongside each other in the heart of Singapore when normally my mum is based in Scotland, my little sister in Indonesia, my big one in Singapore and me in Dubai … yet when we are together, I feel so aware that despite the very different lives we lead in the various countries we call home, I miss them all hugely and nothing, NOTHING, is as important as them, as important as family full stop.

So going forward, I shall pick my running races and far away adventures not only by places on my wish list but places where I get to be with those that matter to me. It’s just a question of mindful planning, which in return brings me bags of happiness and priceless memories that I wouldn’t swap for the world.

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