Slow down & savour

Posted on July 3, 2011


I write this from Le Vimarn, an island paradise in Ko Samet, Thailand.  The hotel is divine, sitting right on a white sandy beach and sheltered by great big palm trees and lush jungle behind.

I’m here with an old university friend … we’ve spent the last 15 years taking very different paths in opposite corners of the world and it’s made me very aware of how far we have both come, in our own unique ways, from the days of partying to the max and studying to the min.

In the same vein, I went out running this morning, along the muddy jungle island tracks in an attempt to find the beach hut I stayed in during my last visit here.  I found it and again, felt aflush with memories of time gone by when I stayed in the $US5 a night ramshackle unit along with mozzies and more, enjoying seafood extravaganzas on the beach by night and endless fun in the sun by day.

Appropriate then that I read a great article in a magazine over breakfast this morning about stopping to savour life … about putting an end to ‘being busy being busy’ and our constant focus on getting it all done.

I can only plead guilty at too often rushing through life.  Since those days at uni and of being a backpacker, I’ve packed in more than many do in a lifetime. But savouring life is not about slowing down or losing drive, nor being lazy or lacking  motivation.  It’s just about learning to live in the now and truly engaging in life rather than letting it pass us by.

So this afternoon, as I tap away, listening to cool jazz, lying on a chaise longue and watching the waves gently lap in front of me, I am practising this.  No need to rush through the entire water sports menu, no need to feel the need to discover every nook and cranny of the island, no need to get beyond the first chapter of my book …

just a need instead to slow down and savour … as before I know it, Happy Hour will arrive on these shores once more, the sun will set and another sweet day will too soon be over.


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