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4. Slang

a. A state of pleasant euphoria, as from produce from Dubai Garden Centre Food Market

b. A state of stimulation, as from produce from Dubai Garden Centre Food Market

c. Excited interest or attention: “The biggest buzz when it comes to top quality produce is all down to Dubai Garden Centre Food Market.”

Since moving to Dubai I’ve been shamefully poor in seeking out fresh and organic produce.  I try to stock up on locally grown fruit and veg in season, albeit in the big supermarkets but it’s hardly the same and it took Bumble Box for me to see this … a feast for the eyes and nose if ever there was one.

What is Bumble Box?

Bumble Box supplies us with tantalisingly tasty, lovingly-grown local fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.

Bumble Box supports both the farmers and the end users … you and me who get to enjoy produce that remind us what fruit and veg is meant to taste like!

You can opt for either a small box or a big box of pre-selected seasonal produce and collect it from the garden centre or have it brought directly to your front door.

Or … if you prefer hanging loose, you can pop along to Dubai Garden Centre Food Market, every Saturday 9.30am – 1pm, and select the items you want. You can then indulge in the other fab treats on offer from artisan breads to more-ish cupcakes.  And Dubai Garden Centre is of course home to RAW Coffee.

Despite being in the throes of Summer, when the selection is meant to be limited, my box is bursting with cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sweet potatoes, onions, green beans and fresh basil. I fear now that I’ve tasted these cherry toms, that there’s no going back. And  the basil.  The sweet, minty smell of my basil is impossible to convey in words.

Smelling these goodies alone brings back wonderful memories of my Saturday mornings of old at Edinburgh’s Farmers Market.  And whilst the Dubai Garden Centre may not share the romantic setting of the Edinburgh market which sits in the shadows of the city’s glorious castle. And whilst here the experience may not be shared with the sight and smell of venison sausages and wild boar burgers sizzling on outdoor bbq’s, it’s still rather special.

Rather special that in this incredible city of ours, a stone’s throw away from a six-lane highway, we can nip into a green and lush garden centre and emerge with a cardboard box full of beautifully organic fresh and real produce.

Dubai is full of surprises and I have to say, this has to be one of my best yet.

Thank you Bumble Box for bringing this idea to our shores.  

And thank you Queen Bee … keep buzzing.



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PS.  The market is now closed for the Summer until September

PPS. In November, the market will also open in Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Park

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