Three cheers for Cavekids

Posted on July 27, 2011


Half an hour into my first meeting with Aden Hopkins and latterly Scott Stevenson, I felt like we had been friends forever.  Referred through a mutual friend which lead to my doing some work for the boys and their fantastic company, Cavekids Evolution, we just clicked.  We have exactly the same thoughts behind the connections between body and mind and the importance these connections play in our overall development, health and happiness.

The boys have spent the last month running awesome summer camps, along with Mark Gregson-Walters from Grass Roots Golf, at Emirates Golf Club.  They have been a huge success … not just in terms of numbers … that would after all only indicate short-term commercial success … but in terms of the feedback they are getting from kids and parents alike.  The number of ‘Thank You’s’ I have seen on Facebook alone confirms that when it comes to educating, motivating and inspiring kids, both at team and individual level, that Cavekids Evolution can do no wrong.

The camps cater for kids of all ages. From strengthening their cores with bridges and planks to strengthening their minds with meditation and relaxation, the activities included are extensive.  They learn motivation techniques and coaching tools then move on to ball skills, golf skills and interval work. They embrace healthy competition amongst ‘Tribes’ and then relax with some meditation and stretching.  Most of all they master the art of balance …. balance between work and play, balance between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth,  and balance between assertiveness and aggression … something I imagine all parents would love their kids to master … in fact, something I imagine most parents would love to master themselves!

Overall, I struggle to think about what Cavekids Evolution is NOT providing.

Then the answer came to me. 

It is NOT providing a doubt in my mind that there is no better place that I would rather have any kids under my care spend their holidays. 

And the icing on the cake is that when the holidays end, Cavekids Evolution keeps on going … inspiring a whole generation of kids through afternoon activities, group exercise, events and leagues.

So three cheers for Cavekids … I was blessed as a kid myself to have enjoyed summer camps from Carmel, California to Montana, Switzerland but still … I long now to be a ten-year old again and to have Aden, Scott and team take charge of my development!

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