Shakin’ it up

Posted on July 31, 2011


The lovely Guillaume at Ignite fitness & wellness came across a genius invention a while back called the Smart Shake … and thankfully, for you and me, he didn’t just buy one for himself, he’s bought the distribution rights for the entire region and is now making a shake and stir as everyone tries to get hold of one.

Here’s what you need to know …

  • The Smart Shake brings a whole new meaning to ease and convenience when it comes to taking supplements and being on the go
  • It’s basically a cool water-type bottle but with a couple of integrated compartments … perfect for pre / post workout protein powder, a healthy and handy meal replacement, vitamins, a handful of nuts, some berries … even a date ready for Iftar …
  • It is ideal for anyone … not just for muscle buffs … kids and adults alike, from fitness junkies and yummy mummies to travellers and professionals, to school kids and students … anyone and everyone will wonder how they got by pre this invention
  • They look super stylish … solid, sturdy … and accessorised with a cool karabiner so you can just attach it to your bag for easy access whenever you wish
  • Dishwasher-safe, microwave safe, freezer-safe, the Smart Shakes compartments can be used for solids, liquids and powders …
  • Best of all they come in a gorgeous graphite colour and in hot pink … (no need to say which one I have my name on!)

As for where to get hold of one, drop Guillaume a line at or pop into Dubai’s favourite grocer, Milk & Honey on the Palm.  Other places will follow so watch this space … they will normally sell for just AED 85 but as a special offer for summer, you can bag one for just AED 60!

There’s a reason why the Smart Shake is making a shake and a stir … and you only need get hold of one yourself to see why …

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