Dead fish

Posted on August 3, 2011


Aiden shared a great quote by Malcolm Muggeridge with me yesterday …

‘Only dead fish go with the flow.’

This one will stay with me, I know, because I have forever been a fish who battles upstream, when it comes to training, work or play.  Why? I just like it that way.  It’s more fun … more unpredictable.  With risk brings excitement and that very great feeling of being well and truly alive.

Now I know we’re a little short on streams in Dubai but think back to the last time you had a walk elsewhere and got lost in your thoughts at a brook or a stream. There will have been dozens of fish swimming aggressively against the current as if their lives depended on it. You might even have wondered if their ultimate destination was upstream.

But then as you watch them, it becomes apparent that by swimming upstream the current was slowly taking them to their destination and in the process their actions were making them much stronger.

By the time these fish reached their destination, they will have built the stamina and strength to deal with the adversities that awaited them … bigger fish, for example, that may not even have fit in to the small stream.

And such is life!

Some of us go with the flow, doing what others do, doing it the way others do it and become surprised when their results are less than stellar.

Others go against the flow. They take chances that no one else will take, giving them results that others will not achieve.

Here’s a poem that sums this up perfectly:

I wonder what they mean when they say

that only dead fish go with the flow.

I have seen the salmon swim upstream,

but they are alive, that much I know.
I am told that it is a famous quote

by none other than Malcolm Muggeridge.

It doesn’t make much sense to me

like the others that are stuck on my fridge.
Perhaps it has nothing to do with fish

and it has some obscure significance.

Something clever, way above my head,

that exposes the extent of my ignorance.
I am the first to admit to being naïve

and not ashamed to reveal my inability

in seeing that this is an aquatic aphorism

warning us of the perils of conformity!

So fit chick Tori’s message for today is to look at  how each area of your life is faring up right now. And if you want to make improvements, look at the way the stream is flowing — then go the other way.

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