That little ‘a’ word …

Posted on August 9, 2011

Subtle shifts have always intrigued me. Sometimes a single letter can make all the difference.  Sometimes a word can change everything in an instant.

The difference between impossible and possible is in the two letters at the start and the addition of a little apostrophe. As Audrey Hepburn so rightly said, Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

If you say something is impossible it probably will be … in fact you may as well drop the ‘probably’.  Impossible is a label that stops you seeking solutions.

On the flip side, seeing only the possible is empowering. Realising that every little challenge is simply an opportunity and that every step back a lesson transforms our lives. If you were driving your car and reached a T-junction, you wouldn’t just come to a halt, switch off the engine and say ‘That’s it … I’ve failed.’ No … you turn around and you find another route.

Mistakes are lessons which lead to success. If you think something is impossible you’re not even stepping onto the first rung of the ladder and without that first step you’ve no chance of going anywhere.

To focus on possible you need to be willing to fail. If you can laugh at your failures, you’ve a greater chance of success. To focus on possible you also need ideas … and lots of them.

Being a wordsmith means that I love words.  Their greatest attribute is that they are powerful.  And their greatest sticking point is that they are powerful!

But when you see a word or have a thought, it needn’t be cast in stone; it’s not final. If you don’t like it … change it. If you don’t like a thought … change it. If you fail … try again.

And if people laugh at you because you make mistakes … good. It shows you have tried. Strive to never stop trying and you’ll amaze yourself with what you can achieve. Every failure arms you with real change; real lessons and real possibilities.

So from today … start keeping tabs on the words you use. Watch out for words like impossible and change them .. just add that little ‘a’ word … the apostrophe … and suddenly the world opens up at your feet. And if you’ve thought too much in the past about getting fit or running a race … about getting healthy or losing weight … convert that thought into action … add that little ‘a’ word and allow the impossible to become possible.

It’s a little bit like when you add another ‘a’ word into your life …. adidas … my adidas.  The world again, opens up at your feet.  Fitting then that one of the world’s greatest ever ad campaigns … designed by adidas … was the ‘impossible is nothing’ campaign. Here endeth this message!

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