Flow squared

Posted on August 12, 2011

Last night I had an absolutely glorious run.  I don’t normally run at night … especially solo but last night I just felt in the mood.  So off I went … around 7.30pm.  The incessant heat and humidity meant my first kilometre or so was a trudge through peanut butter … but I persisted because I knew I’d get past the nut butter and start gliding in honey. Besides, I was fast absorbed in my current audio book – The Twelve Gateways to Freedom by Dan Millman.

I ended up popping down to Adventure HQ at Times Square.  I took the slow route there, running for an hour and a half or so through the back streets of Al Quoz, arriving a little after 9pm.  But long before this, I had reached complete and utter flow … I’ve written before about flow but this time it was flow times two, flow squared.


Because in addition to finding my running flow, I felt complete and utterly in the moment and in love with this glorious city.

The streets were quiet yet I could hear the hum of traffic in the distance.  They were poorly-lit yet I could see lights flickering in the distance.  And I wondered … where else in the world could I be running at this time of night, in an industrial area yet feel completely and utterly safe?  Where else could I run alongside a giant garden centre, massive malls, a glittering gold & diamond park and countless warehouses housing world-class art galleries in one small stretch other than here in Dubai?  And as I passed the odd labour worker, I smiled as always at each and every one, yet they appeared more frightened of me (that crazy runner!) … rather than vice versa.

So many in Dubai leave for the summer yet it’s probably my favourite time of year.  This fabulous city has a wonderful pace of life during the summer months.  The turmoil of traffic and hurried haste is replaced with a sense of calm and peace. People seem to spend a little more time being … just being and even now, during Ramadan, there’s a sense of giving and of receiving everywhere.

I reached Adventure HQ, had a drink and a natter with the boys and then started the return trip.  I came back through the sand, a welcome soft landing after pounding on the pavement.  I looked back and I could see the lights on Burj Khalifa, the  tallest building in the world, flickering through the mist in the distance.  I looked to my right and I could see the awe-inspiring Burj Al Arab in all its glory … and I looked ahead and could see the twin towers … the same twin towers I see from my balcony every evening.

And for the remainder of my run, I felt I could have gone on forever … I wanted to go on forever and I thought however long I end up staying in Dubai, it will forever hold a pretty big place in my heart.

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