A* for effort …

Posted on August 14, 2011

 but is it in vain?

The world is full of contradictions.

And this weekend … in Abu Dhabi … was no exception.

It all boiled down to two key lifestyle choices … diet and exercise.

Let me start from the beginning. I spent a lovely chilled out weekend with my dear friend Emily.  We went to the Grand Millenium Al Wahda and enjoyed 24 hours of fun in the sun and fabulous food.

Yesterday morning, post a seafood feast of gigantic proportions the night before and to work up an appetite for a similar sized brekkie, I awoke early and decided to ditch a run for some stair climbing.  An email just received from the team behind my Nepal event in October was pleading with all the competitors to get in top shape fast … ‘crunch time’ were his exact words … followed by the threat of getting lost up there in the huge mountains that divide Nepal and Tibet.

So off I went … up down, up down … 30 floors at a time, eight times … and afterwards, I went to the gym for a little strength session …

What I found was no ordinary hotel gym; no outdated, dingy room populated by under active over-age businessmen.  No – this gym was quite possibly the best gym I have ever come across in the UAE.  The design, layout, space, equipment … everything was top-class, state of the art and well-considered. I would struggle to fault it other than the distinct lack of atmosphere because …

I was a lone gym-goer!

Not one single person was in there even though the hotel was pretty full and it was the weekend.

I later noticed that in our room was a brochure for room service with a Diabetic Menu.  It featured a hearty menu of yummy foods with a healthy twist … dishes that won’t affect your blood sugar levels.  Some research later and I learnt that this was an initiative between Grand Millenium Hotels and Mafreq Hospital … an initiative in recognition of the chronic levels of Type 2 Diabetes in the region.

Type 2 diabetes is, in nearly all cases, preventable by these very lifestyle choices … diet and exercise.

So whilst I applaud whole-heartedly the F&B managers, the medical experts and the fitness team who have gone to such efforts, I wonder … is it all in vain?

Time will tell of course but I sincerely hope, through the ongoing efforts to increase awareness and educate the public, that the Grand Millenium’s Diabetic Menu will serve more than its current role as a shelf filler … and that their phenomenal gym will receive more than a fleeting glance as guests and residents head for the wet room.

I repeat … Type 2 Diabetes is nearly always preventable with a regular dose of exercise and a generous serving of good, healthy food … not just for the odd stint but for life. And now, thanks to places like the Grand Millenium, this isn’t even difficult to do …

so let’s hope the word they are spreading spreads thick and fast.

Let’s hope these A* efforts are recognised and maximised.

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