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Posted on August 27, 2011


Our obsession with all things electronic …

In our days of Facebook, Tweets, email and texting, we have completely forgotten the value of a hand written message on beautiful stationery … even our bills are now electronic! But the truth is, there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t love seeing a card on their doorstep and then treasure the handwritten message within for its sheer intimacy and the thoughtfulness that went into choosing and writing it.

… means sending cards is a dying art …

I have always had a love for stationery.  All stationery. And I still love to send cards to say good luck, thank you, congrats or just hello. Our lack of card exchanging today is a little reminiscent of the days when screw caps started to replace corkscrews.  Even the smoothest of sauvignons or the punchiest of pinots loses a sense of magic when it’s lost the cork.

… but all is not lost …

I cannot pass a great card shop without browsing the shelves for the perfect card. Imagine then, my delight in finding one such shop (a virtual one) where all the greetings are in honour of the fitness and wellness community? Think messages such as ‘best training partner’, ‘never again’ and ‘water station rock star.’

… all thanks to an incredible company …

The other day I listened to the coolest podcast about women entrepreneurs whose businesses have stemmed from their love for running.  One such lady was Maria who I have since connected with.

Maria lives in Seattle and has a company called Banana Blossom Press.

She says:

‘I started Banana Blossom Press to honor those in the fitness and wellness community who support me in my athletic endeavors.  They are my family, friends, trainers, running partners, climbing buddies, massage and physical therapists, my local running store for always fitting me with the perfect pair of shoes, race volunteers, and strangers who cheer for me on the course.’

… so what can I say …

I love to run and I love great stationary.

Maria’s cards capture our inner thoughts with perfection with greetings around our love / hate relationship with the road, whether to treat or retreat when it comes to post-run cupcakes or cute valentines messages for our running partners.  The entire range is ab fab right down to the baby grows with the message ‘fartlek’ emblazoned on them.

… other than, Maria … you are a complete ROCKSTAR …

and your company is pure genius.

I can’t imagine any runner, or fitness junkie full stop, visiting your site and not wanting to ‘add to cart’ more than once.

It’s a little too far to order cards from here but I know what I’ll be asking for next time I know someone is heading stateside …

in fact, I might just order a load and send them to myself.

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