From dusk till dawn

Posted on September 12, 2011


I had a coffee yesterday morning with the awesome photographer Wouter Kingma.  We spoke briefly about the incredible light that can be captured during a shoot first thing, at dawn, or last thing, at dusk.

And then as luck would have it, I went for a run last night and captured dusk in all its glory.  I was running to Ibn Buttuta (yes … the mall … again!!) on the sand parallel to SZR.  The twinkly lights of JLT’s sky-scrapers were just beginning to shine, cars sped by at lightening speed, their drivers eager to return home to lovers and others and the light was soft and hazy.

It was stunning. And however long you have lived somewhere, when you manage to soak up this amazing moment, when yet another marvellous day comes to an end and night-time begins to descend, you can’t help but feel very mindful of how lucky we are. It took me back to my days living and working in Edinburgh, when I could never tire of dusk falling on the castle as I walked home after a days work. However cold it was, however windy or wet, dusk in Edinburgh can’t fail to warm the soul.

A couple of hours later and I returned home with slightly weary legs and a slightly lighter wallet!  And as I reflected on running at dusk, or dawn, one last time, I had a chuckle at the crazy nights gone by that I once spent at a bar in Hong Kong called From Dusk till Dawn.  In my rather wild youth, I tended to arrive there at dusk and not leave till dawn.  And whilst my hydration system featured slightly different ingredients, I have no doubt that these long, hard sessions contributed no end to my endurance levels today.  After all, as every distance runner knows, it’s all down to time on your feet right?!

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