Turning perspiration into a fashion sensation

Posted on September 15, 2011


… in one easy step!

Every so often you come across an invention so simple yet so fiendishly clever that you wonder how you ever managed life without it. And when you find out that said invention actually comes in pink and or animal print, it’s rating overshoots the ‘must have’ scale and fit chick Tori becomes giddy with excitement.

Enter Sweaty Bands.

I wrote a while back about the awesome podcast I listened to about brilliant female entrepreneurs who have built their businesses around their love for running.  One of these women was Donna.  Starting with nothing but a borrowed sewing machine and some scraps of fabric in her basement in Cincinnati, Donna now has what can only be described as a sweaty band empire … a multi-national company that has turned perspiration into a fashion sensation!

There are thick bands and skinny bands, in every conceivable colour and design, there are bands for little kids and big kids … and bands for runners, golfers, tennis players and more. Each and every one even has a name … as if they could rock anymore than they do already.

The idea was born out of Donna’s own need, as a fitness instructor, for a headband that didn’t slip.  And indeed they don’t slip.  They really don’t and they fit perfectly too … loose enough to avoid the ‘headband headache’ but tight enough to control flyaway frizz and a messy mane.

Since then, plenty of imitators have come on the scene but no other bands are quite like these … no others fail to slip and no others come in the amazing quantity, quality  or designs in every colour, pattern and style imaginable that Sweaty Bands do. Think of  a Hermes Birkin from Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue v a Hermes Birkin of the ‘genuine fake’ variety from Dolce & Karama.  The latter just doesn’t cut it.

I got in touch with Donna post pod and a few weeks later (yesterday), I received a parcel with a fabulous selection of Sweaty Bands.  If driving along Beach Road last night, you may have seen me sweating it out (!) whilst maintaining the style and glamour that only a Sweaty Band can bring?! I have to confess that I was so undecided on which band to wear, I traded from Queen of Hearts to Cheatalicious mid-run and my final stop at Sasha for my weekly mani / pedi was met with various oohs and aahs at my funky headgear.

For runners in Dubai, or indeed anyone who trains outside, we all know the curse of the dreaded sweat … and even though that wonderful streak-of-vaseline-across-forehead trick does work, it’s still not ideal. 

Nor does it come in pink or animal print.

I rest my case.


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