Straight from the heart

Posted on September 20, 2011


Yesterday I met with Dr Graham Simpson from Eternity Medicine Institute in the name of research for a magazine feature I’m working on.  Fascinating. Not only is Dr Simpson utterly charming but he has an infectious enthusiasm towards transforming the region’s health in the hope of reversing the tragic numbers suffering from so-called lifestyle diseases which the Middle East is fast making itself famous for. He is genuinely passionate for the cause and I left armed with enough bed-time reading for some time to come.

Eternity’s main focus is down to matters of the heart … reversing cardio-metabolic disease and  / or better still, striving for prevention rather than cure. Cardio refers to disease of the heart whilst metabolic refers to disease of the metabolism.  Put together, they refer to the likes of diabetes and obesity.

The statistics don’t lie … 8 out of 10 of us will die from cardio vascular disease and 5 out of 10 will die suddenly without prior symptoms. Scary. Very scary. Astounding too then that this 21st century epidemic is essentially caused by our diets today.  Dr Simpson says that are blood sugar levels determine how long we shall live.  In fact, pop in, have a series of tests and you can find out for yourself. Your cardio-metabolic ‘score’ tells you the degree of dysfunction in your body and the levels of intervention required to halt and reverse your diagnosis.

Sound simple?  Well it is.

These diseases can be reversed and or prevented purely by the choices we make … the activities we do and the foods we eat. Simple and inexpensive changes from altering your daily diet to finding time to exercise to managing your stress levels are all it takes.

In little over a week it is World Heart Day so all that I learnt yesterday seems particularly prevalent. On the 29th Sept itself, I shall be running in Nepal, high up in the mountains, pack on back and exercising my heart … and when I finish running, I shall be tucking into wholesome, healthy foods made in the most basic of conditions in a mountain tea-house. No processed nonsense in sight.

What will you be doing?  Make World Heart Day … and beyond … an opportunity to take small steps … which we all know lead to great journeys … which in turn lead to long and healthy lives, straight from the heart.

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