Tori’s Top Ten

Posted on September 25, 2011


My mind is constantly buzzing with new ideas, so much so that recent runs have even seen me stop mid track only to bring a notepad out my pack and jot down thoughts whilst still fresh in my mind.  To say I have a monkey mind is an underestimation of mammoth proportions.

And whilst in general, this excites me, keeping me continually stimulated and motivated to do great things and live each day like it’s my last, I also find that it sometimes leads me in too many directions.  I lose focus and start to be sucked up in a vortex of unproductivity.

I imagine lots of other people find this too.  From news to networking, papers to podcasts, reading to radio, we live in this crazy digital age with so much information at our fingertips that it becomes hard to keep our heads above water. We become massively over stimulated and begin to resemble a hyperactive child with an unlimited supply of coca cola and blue smarties.

But one thing has helped me enormously in the last month or so … a little tip randomly suggested by my cool friend Yvette, of Breathe Believe Pilates and intenSati fame.

I was discussing the above with her, expressing the usual Tori mantra of having too little time and too much I want to do in that time … and she said this.  She said I must really have a think about my top ten words … the words that convey my greatest passions and motivations.  By pinpointing those ten words that float my boat, I would then have, in writing, a clear idea of which direction I want my ship to sail in.

I did this that very night and have my list on my computer, ready and waiting to cast my eyes over as and when needed.  You see, goals are one thing, something I’m certainly a massive advocate of, but sometimes you need to stay more open too, you need to keep your door ajar to allow great new opportunities to show up and walk in without invitation.  By allowing my top ten words to keep me focused yet not blinkered, I’m allowing this to happen …

So there you go.  Something to ponder over.  I look at Tori’s Top Ten at least once a day.  They help to guide the choices I make and the decisions I take.  They help keep my journey just as I want it to be and not how others might want it to be. In short, they help me to be me and there can be no better advice from a friend than to do just that.

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