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Posted on October 5, 2011


Day 1 / 3

Dhunche – Shyaphru

Eight hours I was out for, taking in some mammoth mountains, rapid river crossings, views to die for and switchback central en route. The sun was shining, the trail was tough but terrific and some mammoth ascents and equal descents hammered the legs in style. A fabulous day and I spent the rest of the afternoon sipping sweet tea, chatting and chilling in our village. My roomie Laveta and I seem to have drawn the short straw with the guest house choices with our randomly named ‘Little Star Hotel’! No mod cons to speak of but sweet and warm. Word on the street is a crazy hard route tomorrow.

Day 2 / 3

Shyaphru – Shyaphru

40km plus including summiting Nagthali Ghyang at 3,165m, an out and back to the hot springs, a descent down to the riverside again followed by another steep ascent to 2,630m.

Nine and a half hours I took, not helped by the extra hour lost by going off track. But … part of the fun and adventure of these trips is the risk of getting lost and besides, I know by now that my map reading skills are questionable at the best of times and more so in the case of today when simply not focusing on the route and instead immersed in girly chat with a fellow runner, Francesca. A fab girl, great company and an ex Olympian to boot so fascinating to bombard her with questions.

A stunning route nonetheless, ending in smiles of sweat and mud after a tremendous wipe out I had in a mud bath half an hour in. I now sit patiently awaiting a feast of mo mo’s while resting my weary legs.

Bring on Day 3 but please … let it be gentle!

Day 3 / 3

Shyaphru – Dhunche

The original planned route was changed … and thankfully (!) shortened due to the anticipated problems getting out the valley post landslides. We had just 15km or so to run but after two very long days and given it was all uphill, it felt more like 50. A stunning morning though with the warm sun perfectly complimented by a cool breeze. Running up from the riverside, with a few river crossings to keep our feet pounding in puddles, we were finished by early morning and then chilled with hot tea and hob nobs, back where it had all begun.

Another exciting return journey followed, repeating that of day 0 with all the terrifying transport but without the relentless rainfall. Early evening we arrived at the Park Village. Hot showers followed by a fab dinner and prize-giving, a few too many vinos and endless laughter made sure that what was a fantastic trip ended in style.

In such a short time, we immersed ourselves in amazing countryside, forged friendships, built bonds and reaped the dividends from the hard work we put in on those hills. I can’t wait to sign up for another. I also can’t wait till my next trip to Hong Kong for more trails and tales. How anyone could ever prefer a week on a tropical beach over this, I shall never know!

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