Magnetic attraction

Posted on October 9, 2011


When back in the UK running The Toad Challenge recently, a 150km stage race from Oxford to London, I noticed loads of other runners wearing Trion:Z bracelets and necklaces … so much so that I felt a bit left out and made a mental note to check them out as soon as I was back online.

Fast forward a month or so, and I’ve just returned from running Action Asia Nepal, another stage race in Langtang, where I proudly wore my very own Trion:Z and continued to spread the word.

I suspect many are like me and have seen them being banded about, perhaps even admired their cool design and colour combos but not known exactly whether they are just a fashion statement or something more.

And having worn one for a few weeks now, I definitely think they fall into the latter category. They combine magnetic and ionic technology marrying style and complementary health with finesse and function. Magnetic therapy dates back thousands of years and is based on the theory that when a magnet is placed around a specific joint or body part, more blood is attracted to that area, leading to an increase in oxygen and nutrients. The combination of increased oxygen and nutrients leads to a faster healing process.

Many report that they induce better sleep and relieve stress, improve energy levels and maximise performance. Today, magnets are ‘prescribed’ as a non-invasive natural therapy in over 50 countries.  In particular, they have a huge following amongst fitness enthusiasts worldwide, especially runners, triathletes and golfers.

It would be nigh on impossible to quantify the benefits they bring to any individual but as far as I’m concerned, they look cool, can be worn 24/7, are super durable and feel super comfy.  Mine is pink and black but they come in so many designs, you can’t fail to be colour co-ordinated, if like me, that’s your thing!

So whether the effects are real or placebo, whether they relieve pain and promote healing or not, my Trion:Z is here to stay.

Me & Trion:Z clearly have a strong magnetic attraction.


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