When losing means winning

Posted on October 15, 2011


I have just returned from a weekend at Abu Dhabi’s Grand Millennium Hotel to do a motivational talk to the contestants of their Biggest Shrinker Contest.  All in all, a lovely night away thanks to their awesome facilities, enormous hospitality and my exceptional company (thank you Mrs. O! x)

But back to the purpose of my visit.  Grand Millennium Al Wahda has a truly amazing gym; state of the art, top of the range, clean, pristine and an all over great place to sweat it out. Add to this investment, their recent introduction of a Diabetic Menu, featuring a whole host of yummy yet healthy, nutritionally balanced options, and you get a pretty clear idea that they are a hotel with a passion for educating and inspiring Abu Dhabi to start taking charge of their health.

This latest initiative is a Biggest Shrinker Contest, based on the popular US-based TV programme, The Biggest Loser. The contest will see 50 contestants battle it out over an 8-week period with support from the Grand Millennium team in the form of fitness charts, healthy recipes and eating plans. Each week, the contestant who has lost the least is eliminated and the final contestant will walk away with AED 20,000 worth of prizes.

Every Saturday sees the weigh-in along with a talk from an ‘expert’, that being me today.  I talked about focus, determination, will power, motivation and commitment …  five strengths that each and every contestant will need over the course of the competition and five strengths that I need demonstrate to train, enter and complete my running events.

The entire concept is great.  Few things are as motivational as camaraderie and a little healthy competition. And the best part?Once contestants are eliminated, they may no longer be in the running for the grand finale, but they can continue to use the fabulous facilities for the duration.  Why?  Because Grand Millennium is not advocating some quick fix or instant results … instead, they are pushing for long-lasting changes in lifestyle habits which, in turn, will leak into the lives of contestants’ friends, family and colleagues.  And eventually, one hopes, an entire city.

So three cheers from me to you.  Your efforts are GRAND and it is initiatives like these that shall create genuine long-lasting change in the health of a nation and ultimately, see far healthier generations carry on life in the next MILLENNIUM and beyond.

Finally, I wish each and every contestant all the best in the competition.  May the greatest LOSER win! 

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