Fruits of passion

Posted on October 17, 2011


I had a magical photo shoot in the beautiful Bastikaya with Wouter from Wouter Kingma Photography this morning. Amongst the many things we talked about was about passion.  Wouter said it’s easy to shoot people doing what they love to do because their passion shines through.

In a similar vein, the talk I did in Abu Dhabi at the weekend ended up being easy because I was talking about one of my passions. I told him that when I’m chatting to people about the things I love, if one single person walks away feeling inspired and wanting to try something new, that I feel rewarded beyond recognition, like a spoilt child on Christmas morning.

We also talked briefly about my post not long ago called Tori’s Top Ten when I wrote about my top ten words. The idea is to create your entire life around those ten words so that you are living a life full of your nearest and dearest passions.

So my wish for today is for people to think about what their greatest passions really are. Whether basketball or basket-weaving, book club or fight club, sprinting or stamp collecting … live and breathe them day in and day out.

Strive to practice them with perfection, a little more than yesterday but a little less than tomorrow … and take every opportunity to plant the seeds in others because there are few things more rewarding than to see them grow … to see your seeds of passion bear fruit.

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