Time to get T.U.F.F.

Posted on October 20, 2011


I’m enormously excited about being sponsored with a Fitness First Platinum Club membership going forward. ENORMOUSLY.  I love the clubs, always have done … the gyms are great, the classes unbeatable in terms of both quality and quantity and the staff are always über friendly.

And when I was at FF HQ last week, both Mark and Sarah from the marketing team said I just have to try their latest class … appropriately named T.U.F.F.  The name itself implies breaking out of your comfort zone but all things considered, I thought to myself,

‘How hard can it really be?’ 


Quite hard.  Very actually.

But equally great fun, enormously satisfying and worthy of an extra cocktail or two during Happy Hour.

The class has been developed by Fitness First’s Group Ex guru, Nathan Brown. Based loosely on the Tabata format, the entire class is about functional moves, interchanging between weights and cardio and performing multi-dimensional exercises that mimic those we need to be fit for in real life.

Think of how our ancestors kept fit … or how kids move today.   There were / are no static moves or muscle-isolating exercises in site, rather they stay super fit by being very mobile, flexible, dynamic, explosive and well, very T.U.F.F!

I had a chat with Nathan post class.  He talked about the inspiration behind creating the class, that inspiration being his grandmother (always a great women behind every great man!) who is now 93 and fighting fit.  It is the sort of exercises used in this class that has enabled her to be in such fine form today.

Finally, he talked about T.U.F.F. being about training rather than exercise.

Lots of gym bunny’s work out just to keep fit … which is fine, great in fact … but there remains a strong line between fitness and training and this class crosses that line.

The result? Only one real result exists, one that catapults your body into a period of transformational change, in terms of fitness, endurance, strength and body shape.

Nathan has great plans for this class and I can see why.  Keep your eyes peeled and when opportunity permits, give it a go. T.U.F.F. is yet another string to the already loaded bow of Fitness First clubs …. and if they keep on going at the rate they are, they’ll continue to be firing in every direction.

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