Persistence pays

Posted on November 10, 2011


This week I have felt ever so pleased with myself … well, my performance anyway … on the BOSU no less! 

I wrote about the marvellous BOSU not long ago and ever since, I can safely say I’ve become quite hooked.  Day in day out, I’ve been popping into Fitness First and taking place in my corner spot.

Jerry, one of the trainers, has been giving me so many cool exercises to try … there just seem to be endless options.  My challenge this week was to master the art of balancing on one leg.

But just rising to the challenge clearly wasn’t enough! I ticked that off the list on Monday … so on Tuesday, I moved on to holding weights whilst on the one leg then yesterday I progressed to one-legged mini squats and lunges.

I’m not sure what the whole point of this stubborn determination has been other than my behaving like a performing seal and my proving the point that persistence really does pay.  Admittedly, I can’t wait to get there later to show Jerry my new balancing act!

Practise, practise, practise and you WILL succeed

… with the BOSU as much as everything else in life.

Then as luck would have it, whilst sitting waiting for a doc apt earlier, I came across a fab article from the US which talks about what a great fitness tool the BOSU is for runners. It says it’s great for supplementing your running training, to strengthen your core and to enable your running posture to stay upright even when you start to feel tired after a long time on your feet. When we slump when running, our stride naturally shortens which inevitably slows down our time.

The article then talks about the benefits of improved balance.  As runners, we spend much time in a forward plane, putting one leg in front of the other so by working with the BOSU as well, we even this out and become better at handling rough ground, curbing pavements and rapidly changing direction.

Finally, it discusses the benefits of simply doing something different from pounding the pavements.  Of course the opportunity to avoid cold and wet weather doesn’t apply to us here … but a change is always good, wherever you are, for both your body and your mind.  I love the buzz at Fitness First, especially in the evening when people with ‘proper’ jobs escape their offices and it really is a great antidote to my early morning runs.

So the BOSU is here to stay.  I shall miss it when I leave for Nepal next week but perhaps I will return with a newfound sense of balance … in the meantime, I’ve bought myself a big Swiss ball (another fabulous tool for the core) to replace my gorgeous Louis Ghost desk chair. No rest for the wicked as they say …

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