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Posted on December 11, 2011


Today I had a fascinating consultation with Keith Littlewood.  Heard of him?  If not, it’s prob a matter of time until you do.  He’s only been in the sandpit for six months or so but is fast making a name for himself as the guru of biomechanics and rehabilitation. His website has more info but briefly he combines art and science to approach performance and wellbeing. He studied extensively with the California-based CHEK Institute which is a unique and world-class facility that takes a totally holistic approach to optimal health and functional medicine.

Keith’s focus is mainly on biomechanics and rehabilitation or for those with specific issues, digestive or hormonal for example. I found myself with him after being told by a PT I got talking to that I simply HAD to go and see Keith Littlewood.  She saw me training in the gym and cited my lazy (and therefore very un J-Lo-like flat as a pancake) bottom as reason enough for a consultation.

Keith sent two super comprehensive questionnaires to fill out in advance, covering everything from physical niggles to how often I fart.  Seriously … they were super detailed and quite frankly, made me feel like a bit of a celeb.

A full consultation with him can take hours.  With me, we chatted about all sorts then he brought out a few scary looking gadgets to measure different areas of my body.  As I don’t have any problems per se (some may disagree there!), it was more of all over body scan. We then hit the studio and he observed me doing lunges, squats and various one-legged moves.

The prognosis? My pelvis is a little tilted and my glutes and lower stomach a tad weak.  I have a dysfunctional lateral sling which is common apparently in females. I may also have some digestive issues as well as hypothyroidism which would explain my eternally low body temperature.

Did you know that eating raw or not overly cooked green veg can be a cause of thyroid suppression and adrenal stress … which in turn cause hypothyroidism?  Neither did I!

I left with lots of little tips like this and promised to return in the New Year so we can discover more.

Ultimately, he said that with a few physical tweaks here and there, he can certainly improve my performance and whilst I’m not terribly bothered about cutting a few minutes here and there, I do enjoy amassing the odd trophy and prize money so I say a big check for CHEK …

as for you … if you want to supercharge your life with nutritional, performance or rehabilitation coaching, give him a call.  And if you too are a runner, he might get you to the finish line a few minutes quicker too!

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