Hurrah for Rahhalah!

Posted on January 5, 2012


I first met Suzanne Al Houby some time ago and wrote about her in my post Mountain mother. Her formidable summit of Everest aside, I am inspired and motivated by her all round quiet determination and dedicated passion as a climber, a mother, a friend and a business women.  

Her company Rahhalah was borne out of Suzanne’s desire to enable others to explore and pursue new adventures, to enable others to see rather than just look, to listen rather than just hear, to discover authentic cultures and to live incredible real life experiences. The word ‘Rahhalah’, loosely translated from Arabic, refers to ‘those who are always on the move to explore’ and stems from bygone times when Arabs ruled one of the world’s largest stretches of land and would travel and explore as a way of life.

The company’s adventures themselves are extensive. Taking place in some of the most wild and exotic places imaginable, from Tanzania to Kenya and Nepal to Vietnam, the activities on offer include trekking, horse riding, cycling, caving, safari, swimming, rafting, rappelling and more. The team behind the scene are committed without compromise to seek adventure in every destination they reach.

I love this.  I love the company and the brand. And I love that going forward, I will be a Brand Ambassador for Rahhalah. What does that mean? A Brand Ambassador should personify the values of a brand and I can say without doubt that I hope to do this for Rahhalah. Together, we are equally passionate about encouraging others to raise their own bar and set new heights and in doing so to enable ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things.

Now … as a New Year commences, I look forward to raising my own bar. Rahhalah and I will both try to climb higher, run further and immerse ourselves in new life-enhancing, character-building experiences … and I hope together we will motivate and inspire others to do same.

Needless to say, I am currently immersed in planning my own itinerary for the coming year and I truly am delighted at the thought that Rahhalah will be behind me every step of the way. I look forward also to joining some of Rahhalah’s trips … the hard part there will just be choosing from some pretty fabulous itineraries!

Have you put thought into raising your bar in 2012? If so, why not become a Rahhalah yourself?


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