are you all in?

Posted on January 8, 2012


My week started off in the best possible way … because in addition to a gorgeous run first thing this morning, it was adidas order day. My time to review the fall winter 2012 collection then wait very patiently for what will seem like an age until I can wear it all. As always, it was like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory … except Charlie was Tori and the Chocolate was an unbelievable collection – best yet, although I do say that every time – of adidas shoes, clothing and accessories. 

From harem pants to jewel encrusted t’s, kitsch originals sweatshirts to high performing ultra light and breathable running tops … adidas is no longer just a sportsbrand.  Rather they are a brand. THE brand in fact. THE brand whether you want to run an ultra marathon or get down with your downward dog, whether you want to stay cool by the pool or feel snug on the piste, whether you want to chill out in a trackie or hit the gym, whether you want to hang out in a cute dress or hang out on the dance floor dressed in adidas glam rocks.

And sure enough, when I think back to my last trip to Nepal over New Year to run in Annapurna, I travelled with my mac in an adidas laptop bag and my kit in an adidas suitcase. I carried an adidas handbag and wore adidas old school trainers and a matching sweatshirt. I ran in adidas trail cushion response and wore adidas techfit gear.  When I finished running, I promptly warmed up with an adidas beanie and a shell … then removed my shoes and slipped into some adidas slippers. Once braced to immerse myself in a freezing cold shower, I dried myself afterwards with an adidas towel then put on some adidas deodorant.

You get the picture …

In fact, give me half an hour and I’ll be making a stir fry for dinner.  And I shall slice my onions the only way Tori knows how.  Wearing my adidas goggles to stop wearing my eyes watering!

My thought for the day then is all about being all in.

all in when running

all in when chilling

all in when cooking

all in

full stop


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