r u a runner?

Posted on January 13, 2012


If so, read on and count up how many of the below you identify with …

  • You spend more time in the drug section than the food section of the supermarket
  • You have more dirt on your shoes than in your garden
  • You think that ibruprofen belongs on the breakfast table
  • You get more phone calls at 5:00 AM than at 5:00 PM
  • You don’t recognise your friends when not in lycra
  • Your friends don’t recognise you when not in lycra
  • You postpone a date because it will interfere with your training
  • Your feet look better without toenails and you regularly just ask your salon to paint pretty polish direct on to the skin where your nails once lay
  • When there’s a long queue for a loo, you just find a quiet spot outside and go
  • You analyse the protein content of everything you pick up at the supermarket
  • You’re totally happy to miss out on partying so that you can be in bed by 10pm for a run first thing
  • You have as many hydration packs and water bottles as Imelda Marcos has shoes
  • You buy economy-sized jars of Vaseline
  • You are flattered when someone calls you Forest Gump
  • You regularly carry money around in a ziplock bag to stop it getting too sweaty
  • You plan your holidays around races and vice-versa
  • You don’t flinch when spending a month’s salary on getting to a race, gear and entry fees
  • You walk up stairs and run down them
  • You say ‘never again’ but no-one believes you
  • You have an enormous collection of long-lasting lip colours and waterproof mascaras
  • You have more sports bras than you do pretty lingerie
  • You have a walk-in closet dedicated to (adidas) running kit
  • You don’t feel remotely uncomfortable discussing with others the colour of your pee and whether you managed a pre-race poo
  • A negative split is not a divorce
  • Tempo has nothing to do with music
  • You have a melt down if you go on a trip and forget your running shoes
  • You see the healthy glow, smiling face and overall contentedness of a total stranger and know they are a runner
  • You have to remind your doctor that you are a runner so that he doesn’t get alarmed by your crazy low pulse rate

Funny bunch aren’t we … but I wouldn’t trade my status as a runner for that of anything else!

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