Tantalising Talise

Posted on January 16, 2012


Mention Talise and yoga in one sentence and most people think of Full Moon Yoga … Talise’s beach-side monthly yoga session, timed to coincide with … you guessed it … the Full Moon!  It’s a slice of heaven and of almost iconic status now here in Dubai.

What many don’t know is that Talise also do a morning class … 9.30am … again on the beach but with a more casual, intimate set-up.  And as my mum was in town over the weekend, I thought what better way to start a day than there, sight of my previous Talise Thursdays and without doubt a place in Dubai where each and every visit makes me feel like a perfectly packaged gift, pink shiny ribbon and all.

So off we went yesterday.  The feel and aroma in the reception alone is effortlessly conducive to luxury and indulgence.  A golf buggy took us down to the beach and we, along with five or six other ladies, nestled down on our fluffy beach towels and yoga mats, awaiting the class to begin.  In place of the usual beach setting, thanks to the crazy winds right now, we were on a lush green and slightly sheltered patch of grass so whilst we could still hear the waves crashing, there was no need for sand in our eyes.

Shibashis, who took the class, I remember from Full Moon Yoga.  He has a lovely manner with a kind voice and easy to follow instructions. It was a Hatha yoga class, with time spent on connecting with the breath, before and after a series of more physical postures.

One thing we did spend time doing is alternate nostril breathing … inhaling through one nostril, retaining the breath then exhaling through the other.  The rationale behind the exercise is to rebalance the body, to equalise the natural rhythm of prana, or life force, in our body. It is also great to calm the mind and to produce optimum function for the brain … i.e. balance our creative and logical thinking sides.

You see, we don’t breathe equally through both nostrils. One nostril is always much easier to breathe through than the other at any particular time. It seems crazy that ancient yogis discovered our nasal cycle thousands of years ago yet medical science is only really catching up now. Ancient yogis, in fact, believe a lot of diseases are due to disturbances in our nasal cycles from asthma to the dreaded D-word here in the Middle East … diabetes.

This may or may not be true. What I do know is true however, is that such breathing exercises, before and after some energetic balance, strength and flexibility postures, on the lush lawns at Al Qasr, with the beach and the ocean beyond and the Burj Al Arab posing proudly beside, is a truly delightful experience.  Chicken soup for the soul and a perfect place to start your day.

Try it for yourself.  Tantalising Talise for a spot of Sunrise Yoga. And if you can’t resist ending your day with a downward dog or a cobra, they do hold sunset classes too, in addition to the fabulous Full Moon Yoga.

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