Does running beat sex?

Posted on January 25, 2012


Other than today and the rest of this week, as I lie horizontally recovering from a small medical procedure yesterday, I have been LOVE LOVE LOVing my runs recently. The weather has been gloriously cool and windy, the skies grey and moody. I’ve been listening to Trail Nation podcasts and getting in some quality miles as I run (sorry!) all my errands … pick-ups from Downtown, visits To Dream Girl Tailor in Satwa, collecting my yummy Ripe produce at Dubai Garden Centre and so on …

I’ve been finding flow with regular consistency and as a result, I am now wondering if long distance running actually beats sex?

Consider the following …

  • Sex lasts for minutes.  Long runs for hours.
  • You can stop and eat during a long distance run.
  • It’s far easier to explain the injuries incurred through running than through sex.
  • Routes and trails do not get jealous of other routes and trails.  In fact, you can dip in and dip out of favour with them without hideous consequences!
  • When running, you can freely discuss when, where, and how many friends you were with when you lost your ultra-virginity. Try that with a lover!
  • The only disease you might get from long distance running is insanity.
  • It’s not embarrassing when others find out you train a lot on your own.
  • If you need to pee or spew, you can just stop right there and go on the side of the trail.  No questions asked.
  • You don’t have to hide your copies of Runners World or UltraRunning (one for the boys!)
  • You can plan your runs months in advance without the need to consider the risk of abstinence.

Some compelling reasons there and whilst I’m not suggesting you replace long-distance running with sex, just bear in mind during times of drought, that lacing up your shoes and running free will probably make you just as happy! I know what my priority will be when fully recovered …

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