Wonder of the Wobble

Posted on January 30, 2012


I felt like a child in a candy store the other day when I entered Fitness First to see lots of new toys to play with.  A big refurb has resulted in a huge cool new area with loads of functional equipment … and … the introduction of WOBBLE BOARDS! 

Wobble Boards take all my work on the BOSU to a new level.  Balancing on it alone is challenge enough, never mind my absolute determination to nail it with squats and weights but as with all things in life, with practise and patience, the rewards will be all mine for the taking.

Wobble Board, you say?

The wobble is just another tool that belongs in the toolkit of unstable training. By standing on this type of surface, your body is forced to continually correct and shift weight to stay balanced. This uses multiple muscle groups and trains our brains to better handle the likes of running on uneven surfaces such as trail running.

With regular use, you also gain an improved proprioceptive awareness.

Proprioceptive awareness, you say?

Yip. One of those physical therapy buzzwords that seems to have grown in popularity lately and refers to the central nervous system’s automatic sensitivity mechanism. As you get more proficient with your wobble, the body learns how to better react to certain situations and imbalances which in turn helps athletes of all sports.

So why wobble?

Wobble boards are GREAT for strengthening your core – think lush six-pack, improving your balance – ideal for trail running and to strengthen your ankles or recover from knee / leg injuries.

And because the underside of a wobble board is disc-shaped and allows movement in 360 degrees, it really is pretty tough to master making it neat tool for general conditioning full stop.

We also need to keep mixing up our training to stop reaching the dreaded plateau and to keep the fun in the mix.

And besides, if used in the gym at a strategic point, turns out it’s great for talent spotting. Thought fit chick Tori was checking herself out in the mirror?  NO!! But a big mirror makes a marvellous reflection point so whilst trying to keep steady and embrace my inner core, I can focus on checking out all the hot totty working up a sweat around me. Marvellous!

Wobble on, I say!

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