There is only O.N.E.

Posted on February 10, 2012


When NAB Drinks told me they had a new drink in their range, I have to confess I only felt mildly excited.  I am after all, the world’s greatest fan of their Bai 5 range and what could possibly top a sip of a Congo Pear or a slurp of a Costa Rica Clementine.

Fast forward a few weeks however and I have to concede. Turns out that O.N.E. Coconut Water is really rather marvellous, not just as a delicious drink but as a drink that is phenomenally beneficial to your health and wellbeing, especially in the case of active sportspeople.

What’s to love?

  • It’s not thick and glupy like other coconut drinks can be … I guess the word ‘water’ in the name should act as an indication of this …
  • The taste of coconut isn’t too strong so the drink scores really high on the ‘chugable’ rating when you feel really thirsty … I think it tastes a little like a mild apple juice.  Not heavy. Not bland, Not too sweet. Just delish.
  • It is extremely refreshing, replenishing and rehydrating. I sometimes don’t drink enough and then can’t get enough when I do finally drink. O.N.E. really does quench your thirst and hit the spot.
  • It’s completely natural … nothing artificial in it at all. This I like! 100% pure coconut water with no sugar or preservatives.
  • It comes in a carton, you know the kind you had in a lunchbox as a kid?  Easy to carry, easy to dispose of and easy to fit in your handbag.
  • It contains five essential electrolytes … potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous … this is VERY important in our hot climate as we lose our reserves when we sweat.
  • It is a natural isotonic beverage so makes a great replacement to sports drinks .. not only because of the electrolyes but it has more potassium than a banana and is low in both calories and fat.
  • It’s even reported to be a natural alternative to Viagra … I shall leave readers to investigate and research that one!

What’s not to love?

(not often Tori is rendered wordless)

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