Guilty as charged

Posted on March 1, 2012


The crime?

Flaunting fad diets & ridiculous exercise regimes

The charged?

Gwyneth Paltrow (GP) & Tracey Anderson (TA)

The verdict?


The details?

Not a female on the planet isn’t guilty of picking up a copy of Grazia or Ahlan and devouring the training and diet secrets of celebrities.  It’s normally highly amusing to review who restored their size 0 figure, 4 ½ days after their too-posh-too-push c-section and who ‘doesn’t have an eating issue’ yet exists on a diet of lemons, water, grapefruit and cayenne pepper.

One celeb in particular really takes the biscuit (or doesn’t in this case!) when it comes to utterly stupid dietary, exercise and wellness practices. Her name?  GP.

In the last few years alone, GP has preached the Macrobiotic (aka the Rickets) Diet, the Live Foods 5 day Cleanse Diet (aka the one that saw her end up in hospital) and the Cupping Diet (involving some totally weird practice of cups being placed on your back).  Yes cups, as in to drink from.

And now the latest to emerge from her strange life?

This week, GP and her celebrity trainer, TA have been telling the world that:

“No women should lift more than 3lbs”

Speechless.  This renders (even) me speechless.


Well on one hand, I couldn’t give a hoot what nonsense practices some celebs lead.

But on the other hand, I do.

Because, this type of behaviour is really really bad news for those who believe she is a role model; young girls, teens. It fuels poor body image and serves only to deter ‘normal’ women from accepting and loving their own bodies.

And because women are finally starting to realise that they do need to lift and to lift heavy in order to rev their metabolism, tone and strengthen, look great, feel great and protect their bodies from future health issues, such as osteoporosis.

And no, they will not bulk up because we simply don’t have the hormonal make-up to enable this.  The only repercussion is that we become sleek and toned. (My Body Pump classes are always full of GORGEOUS bodies)

Besides, 3lbs? Really. The bling I wear on my wrists most days weighs more than 3lbs. A shopping bag weighs more than 3lbs. A tin of soup weighs more than 3lbs. A baby weighs more than 3lbs.  Is TA advocating that one doesn’t carry their own child or pick up their own groceries?

Flaunting fads like this isn’t just comical, it’s dangerous. For celebs who know they are role models to many, their ignorance is astonishing and so very irresponsible.  Clearly neither have any real understanding of how the body responds to exercise.

Anyway, enough ranting.

I just think we have enough pressures to live up to each day so let’s put GP and TA’s rubbish to rest and concentrate on growing up and growing old fit, healthy and strong.




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