And then there was light …

Posted on March 9, 2012


When it comes to science, I tend to be disinterested at best and just downright bored at worst.  Even at school, when I recall some pretty hot teachers, I would still just sit at the back passing notes with my girlfriends about who fancied who and who got up to what on Lovers Lane each evening …

Fast forward one too many years however, and last week I watched a little science experiment with elete electrolytes and was IN AWE, I tell you! I had popped in, mid run, to see Stuart, the guru in the UAE behind elete.  Pack on back and suitably empty, my visit was primarily to replenish my supplies.

Stuart was telling me how elete is not only a favourite amongst sportspeople now but also amongst construction workers.  A lot of the big companies here are putting in corporate orders as it’s the most efficient, easiest and practical way to avoid dehydration during the summer months and to replenish the levels of electrolytes are bodies need.

We then got chatting about how it all works (Stuart does like to talk!) and he showed me the aforementioned and v cool experiment.  I won’t try and convey in words what he did but watch this clip by the President of Mineral Resources International, the company that manufactures elete and see for yourself …

Basically the experiment demonstrates that regular water has no electrolytes present but when you had just a few drops of elete, it connects the circuit and lights a real lightbulb!

Why does this matter to us?

Because electrolytes are chemical substances which, when dissolved or lost in sweat, are missing the electrically charged particles or ions. These ions are vital for the general functioning on our bodies never mind to enhance performance and aid in recovery. The key electrolytes we’re talking here are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

When it comes to the likes of sport, the more we sweat the more electrolytes we lose so as important as the fuel we consume and the fluids we drink when training, is a consistent replenishment of them.

I left and ran the last couple of klicks home in a state of amazement. I wondered why anyone would consider training here without elete, particularly when the temps start to rise.

I wondered too whether I’d perhaps missed out at school when not paying the slightest attention to all these experiments.  Saying that, the action on Lovers Lane was and still is equally electric so perhaps not …!

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