Doing it in twos

Posted on March 13, 2012


Monday morning. Half nine.  My regular fix of Flow Yoga with Bram, except the asanas change every time so no class is ever the same.

Yesterday? Partner Yoga. V cool, v fun, v touching!

Doing yoga in twos brings a whole new element to the practice.

  • You can only control your own movements, not those of your partner … I know this first hand having tried my hardest to control my H1 (husband #1) to no avail!
  • It allows for deeper stretches and a greater command of balance, standing strength and flexibility.  It makes you concentrate more too … monkey minds don’t and can’t feature here as you need to be more in the present than ever
  • It teaches us about interdependence. Too often, we believe it’s easier to do things on our own … I know I’m guilty of this. With partner yoga, we realise that we can accomplish much more, with more joy and ease when we (willingly) support each other. This, needless to say, makes it a marvellous metaphor for life!
  • Partner Yoga is not a substitute for practicing yoga solo but a support. It informs us and strengthens our capacity in our relationships throughout life, our ability to let down barriers, to trust and be trusted
  • It teaches us the value of joining and sharing, values we learn as little kids but all too often forget as big kids
  • It’s also all about touch. We touch and are touched by others meaning you really develop your kinesthetic awareness

I left the studio, as always with Bram’s classes, on a yoga high and thought how lovely to start my day working so intimately with someone you’ve never even met.  Our day-to-day lives so often lack human connection and partner yoga seems to rectify that.

Yoga is a constant practise of the body and mind and however long you’ve been going, you learn more about the discipline and yourself in each and every class. I think the greatest lesson I learnt yesterday, is that whilst sometimes partnering up seems like more hard work than going it solo, it also spices it up a little, throws a spanner in the works and makes us a little less selfish and a little more selfless. 

And that can be no bad thing.

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