From sinner to winner

Posted on March 15, 2012


Feeling the need to sweat out your sins?

Feel it’s time to confess to the seven deadly sins?

If you find yourself a sinner to one or more of the below, all is not lost … identify your sins and sweat them out!

LUST – the feeling when you check out the new adidas collection

GLUTTONY – the guilt-free (and endless) glasses of vino to re-hydrate after a heavy week of training

GREED – the desire to stuff your face with everything you feast your eyes on at a well-stocked aid station

SLOTH – the excuses that spring to mind when you find yourself without energy or motivation to rise and shine for a morning run

ANGER – the knowledge that the previous night’s excess has rendered any kind of training the morning after, nigh on impossible

(Cue: Tori tomorrow morning after Bob Geldof at the Irish Village tonight!)

ENVY – to see a fellow runner glide past you effortlessly late on in a race … it stings even more when she’s dressed in a cuter outfit than you

PRIDE – the moment of pure euphoria when you cross the finish line and know you gave it your all

Want to sweat your sins away?

Here’s what you need to do:

Pitch up: At the start of a running route, any one will do

Pray: Seek pardon from the running gods

Confess: Interact with other runners you meet, share your stories and seek forgiveness

Purge: Wash away your sins by running long

Celebrate: Indulge in bottomless cups of coffee and a yummy big brekkie

This post has been Tori-fied from a mail I got from my friend and fellow runner Roger Henke who organises the Annapurna 100. If you LOVE magical mountains, true Nepali hospitality and fancy starting a new year in arguably the best way possible, sign up next year.  Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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