les aventures a paris

Posted on March 21, 2012


For most, Paris with a girlfriend is synonymous with lazy wine-fuelled lunches, afternoons at galleries, late night bar crawls chasing hot French boys and spending exorbitant amounts of money on chic Choos & lavish Louboutins.

For others, namely my fab friend Sarah Mayo and I, it’s about running a long-distance race.  Of course, we’ll manage the rest post race if the titian princess has any say in the proceedings!

This little trip came about after rather a lot of wine last September at Saz’s bijou but perfectly formed London pad. I had just completed the Toad Challenge, a 160km race from Oxford to London and Saz … well, she was clearly itching to set a goal and work towards a new challenge.  So here we are … a few months later and tomorrow, we shall meet in gay Paris.

Despite two marathons under her belt, Saz has done little in the way of off-road, trail running nor are there many hills to contend with in London. As a result, she’s sent me more than a few messages with the word ‘yikes’ written all over them.

My thoughts?  My reply? My golden nugget of advice?

ENJOY! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy …

Seriously. If too little training has been done, it’s too late to fix that now.  If too much, again, too late to pull back.  If you get too tired to run, you walk. If too tired to walk, take a rest. If you aren’t enjoying your own company, find someone to chat to. If for any reason you DNF, well there ain’t much you can do and quite frankly, there are far greater disasters in the grand scheme of things.  We learn far more from a small setback than sweet success anyway. And if that finish line is reached, feeling great and strong, there was no need to have wasted time worrying in the first place.

My point is this.

Part of the excitement of races is not knowing the outcome. This is the case with any adventure. Our entire lives are controlled by switches, dials and buttons so we find it hard to let go but it’s exactly this letting go that brings us the greatest rewards and lets us see how far our brilliant bodies and marvelous minds can take us. This weekends Ecotrail will finish up the Eiffel Tower. Whatever we feel, whatever happens during the race, we shall stagger away from the finish line feeling our best … because we gave it our all.

And we’ll return to our plush hotel, have long hot showers, collapse into bed … and probably giggle the night away, reminiscing about the hard-core training that we were so committed to in our younger years …

training that namely revolved around boys, booze and anything banned!

And I hope, once the blisters have heeled and the wounds have sealed, that the words ‘never again’ will be replaced by ‘what next’ … either way, I know we’ll have aventures a paris that are second to none! x

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