Conquering Kili to kill cancer

Posted on March 27, 2012


This coming June, Rahhalah Explorers are planning a trip up Kilimanjaro. At 5,895m, Kili, whilst not technical is a high climb and shouldn’t be underestimated.  It’s the highest peak in Africa and the third highest of the Seven Summits.

A mail about the trip landed in my inbox recently and it brought back super fond memories of my ascent in 2000. I remember like it was yesterday the absolute elation of each and every day … so much so that my little sister, Alex and I were literally being told off night after night to curb our giggling and muffle our laughter so not to keep the entire expedition awake.

Rahhalah’s forthcoming expedition is being run to raise vital funds for the first Pediatric Cancer Department in Palestine, a project initiated and managed by the Palestine Children Relief Fund. These kids have enough of a struggle just living from day-to-day, never mind the additional struggles when sickness strikes.

As with all charity drives, a little goes a very long way.  In this case, by embarking on this amazing adventure, not only do you get the bottomless benefits of an incredible journey, physically, mentally and spiritually but you’re also directly benefiting helpless children suffering from this horrid disease. Some may live and flourish as a result … and others sadly not but they all deserve the best possible chance nonetheless.

When we challenge ourselves by embarking on great adventures we learn so much about what counts … about who counts … we’re stripped down to our bare essentials and we learn about humility and being humbled. This trip will be no different. I hope all those who sign up realise that whilst embarking on their own life changing experience, they are literally changing the lives of others. Of children. In Palestine. For the better.

The mail ended with these words:

“It is easy to be inspired but it is not that easy to act”        

How very true. Rahhalah Explorers founder, Suzanne Al Houby has long been a source of inspiration to me for exactly this reason … because she not only inspires but she also acts.

If you have ever fancied the idea of climbing Kili, I would recommend this trip.  If you haven’t, why not consider it now?  When the summer squelch rears its ugly head in the UAE, I can think of few more fabulous places to be than high above the clouds amongst the amazing plains of Africa …

and for those who want it, the adventure begins now … when the goal is set and the commitment made. The planning and preparation, the training and fund-raising, the friendships forged and the eager anticipation … all play their role in making an expedition like this a block buster … and in putting you in a starring role …

Need to know:

Dates: Starting July 5th in Arusha, Nairobi

Cost: $US 2,900 all in

Cause: A minimum of $US1,450 to be raised by each individual for PCRF

More details:

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