Debbie & divorce

Posted on April 4, 2012


I ran the first few miles of last weeks G2E with a fab girl I met called Debbie.  Her husband was also running … he too an ultra runner and we had a joke about the benefits of being married to another runner.

Timely then that a hilarious article in a UK paper yesterday discussed the trials of miles on a marriage. It was written by a guy immersed in training for the Virgin London Marathon and according to Pam, his long-suffering wife:

“You have become the ultimate weekend bore. You wimp out early on Saturday evenings, spend the night insomniac tossing and turning about getting enough sleep for your LONG RUN, next thing the alarm goes off at the crack of dawn and you’re out of bed like a bolt of lightning to make your bloody porridge. You come home hours later, walking stiff as a cowboy, have your disgusting protein shake and then pass out for the rest of the day. Where’s the fun?”

She finishes by saying that he has become “self-obsessed” and … (fatal mistake) …  “more interested in his own body than in hers”.

This made me chuckle.  The demands of marathon running never mind ultra marathon running are so consuming that yes, our nearest and dearest often do take second place (unless we pick wisely like the aforementioned Debbie!). In the weeks running up to events, all we want to talk about is running: how far we ran today, how long we will run tomorrow and what yoga stretches we find most soothing on our forever stiff limbs!

In my case, I currently await that special little certificate aka the decree nisi.  Clearly Aiden got tired of it all … and when he recently returned from a holiday with his new girlfriend, on asking him about the trip, he said it was great then said one particular highlight was not being woken up at the crack of dawn by an excited partner eager to get her trainers on!

Suggest then that any applications to be the new Mrs Hughes come from non-runners only … other than that, after 10 years with me, I have to say he is exceptionally well-trained …

as for me, only runners need apply!

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