Brain matters

Posted on April 9, 2012


Every magazine you pick up these days is packed full of words about the latest diet … what to eat when, when to eat what, why to eat what, why to eat when … but so very rarely do these articles feature advice on feeding our minds.

Just like our bodies, our minds need fed too … and, as with our bodies, we have a huge array of dietary options for the space that exists between our ears.

Good and bad. Healthy and unhealthy.

We can pump our minds full of unhealthy junk or we can opt for something a little more high-performance, therapeutic and life-enhancing.

We can spend time with people who lift us up or people who drag us down.

We can have stimulating, uplifting conversations with people who inspire us or we can immerse ourselves in ugly, unhealthy bitching sessions.

We can be problem-obsessed or solution-focused.

We can look for lessons or catastrophes.

Funny thing is … either way, we’ll find them because our thoughts are our reality.

If you exist on a consistent diet of negativity, pessimism and analysis paralysis, you’ll only ever find problems, obstacles and rejection because that’s what you’re looking for.

If you choose watching mind-numbing TV over reading enlightening books that educate, stimulate and develop you as a person, you’ll experience cognitive decline … not because of your age or your genetics but because you’re never challenging yourself.

If, when life deals you a tough hand of cards, you play your game in the shadows of negative people instead of in the presence of positive people who can and want to support you, your game will last that much longer and you’ll still end up losing.

So my thought for the day then:

Your body is your mode of transport so treat it wisely.

But your mind is where you live so remember to treat it wisely too.

Train it, nurture it, value it, respect it and feed it well.

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