Bottoms up!

Posted on April 11, 2012


I’m no stranger to having a tube up my bottom.  I regularly used to have colonic on Talise Thursdays (a period in 2010 when I spent my Thursdays giving Tori some R&R at Al Qasr’s Talise Spa … LUSH!!) but it’s been a while.

However good your diet, however rich in fibre, however much ‘clean’ food you eat, our amazing bodies still get caught up in the rich tapestry of life and we succumb to foods and drinks that don’t always leave our bodies as well as they should.  Combine that with our constant eating on the go, eating too fast and not eating mindfully … and no wonder we hear so many complaints about depleted energy levels, bloating, heartburn and so on.

And so, this afternoon, I found myself visiting the queen of the colon (!), Kay Vosloo.  Kay was recommended to me some time ago by Sean Penny aka one of the dynamic duo that make up The Wellness Brothers and Aden Hopkins, an amazing trainer and coach.  Kay comes highly recommended and gets nearly as much mag coverage as fit chick Tori!

I arrived feeling a little nervous but she’s such great company, you sort of forget that you’re in a clinic, about to slip on some disposable panties and not having a girly lunch at Lime Tree.

For any colonic virgins out there, here’s the low down:

  • Colonic hydrotherapy involves cleansing the colon by passing filtered water through it
  • Unlike an enema, it treats the entire colon not just the lower bowel which results in flushing out all the ‘crap’ (sorry!!) that’s built up there
  • It doesn’t hurt at all … the only slightly uncomfortable part is putting the tube in but with a jolly good dab of KY, you’ll find yourself with a bottom as smooth as a baby’s bottom (sorry again!!)
  • Water is then basically flushed through the system and your tummy is gently massaged to help push things along

As for the benefits?

They are multiple including detoxifying your body, kick-starting a better working digestive system, hydrating the large intestine, increasing bowel mobility, contributing to liver and kidney cleansing, clearing up skin, improving energy levels, managing intolerances and much much more.

During the treatment, we discussed all sorts …

Kay told me all about how the digestive system really works and how our gorging on the go affects it.  Fascinating.

We spoke about absorption of nutrients and what can reduce our bodies ability to absorb the nutrients we eat.

We talked about the link between osteopaths / chiroprators and colonic hydrotherapists … often the former refer their patients to the latter because lower back pain is triggered by digestive issues.

We discussed how everything in our body is interconnected.  I’m a massive believer in this already and will commonly address physical niggles by tackling any emotional stresses.

I also wanted to know who exactly Kay’s clients are?  Yummy Mummy’s wanting to look slender in their skinny jeans or patients with medical concerns?  She said she sees all sorts but most commonly people who have digestive complaints be that bloating, gas, acid reflux etc.

Before leaving, Kay brought out two packs of ‘Tarot-like’ cards and I was to pick one with my left hand.  This, she said, was to be my thought for the day and most, if not all, her patients tend to pick the perfect advice for their personal situations.  As did I!

I left my appointment with a spring in my step … not only because I physically felt lighter … but because I felt emotionally and mentally lighter too.  Kay is kind, funny, smart, interesting AND a fabulous colonic hydrotherapist so bottoms aside, I’d just love to make her my friend!

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