Live, laugh, love

Posted on April 19, 2012


I had a beautiful run earlier along the open sands by Jumierah Village. Strangely, the mornings are still cool but there remains a stillness in the air that smells of the onset of rising temperatures. I feel determined to enjoy every last opportunity before the inevitable.

I listened to a gorgeous podcast full of wonderful advice about life. Some of the words, as with all I listen to when running, just float in one ear and out the other … becoming just a blur of melody that I find almost therapeutic to listen to and a support in striking a consistent cadence.  Other words, however, stick in between the ears, not only during the run but long after too.

Here are some of the words I remember from this morning:

  • Going into the unknown is the only way to expand what is known
  • Spend as much time as possible with people who challenge and inspire you
  • Remain sceptical … always
  • Feeling stupid is a sign of growth … get over it …
  • Do whatever you are passionate about … if you can earn a living from it, that’s just an extra bonus
  • Read biographies … it’s like having access to the best mentors in history
  • Always be humble … always be curious
  • Repeat people’s names when you meet them
  • Always remember those who have helped you … then give twice back
  • Help people too who have never helped you … and can’t
  • Get a tattoo and don’t worry about regret (or several, like me!!)
  • Learn to meditate … the value of meditation is priceless
  • Don’t worry about doing things that are considered uncool because sooner or later, they will be cool …
  • Cheating the system is fine.  Cheating others is not …
  • Good connections are about people not social networks
  • Courage is a learned skill
  • Don’t be afraid of falling over.  It’s the only way we will learn, grow and develop  
  • And finally …

LIVE every moment

LAUGH every day &

LOVE beyond words

… sometimes the best advice is the most straightforward. Write them on a post it now and stick to your monitor, fridge, dashboard … whatever … & each and every day, make sure you put them into practice …

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