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Posted on April 22, 2012


You keep failing at your attempted transformation because you keep missing the central component of it by looking in the wrong place. You must, and have to – learn to love the body you have, while on the journey to acquiring the body you want. No one can SELF-HATE their way to an improved life! – not physically, not mentally, not emotionally – Scott Abel

Beautiful words … and so so true. This was posted on Facebook yesterday by Amir Siddiqui and my eye was immediately drawn to reading and pondering over it yesterday afternoon.

When I popped into Symmetry yesterday, Alex, the queen behind the scene, pointed out a guy mid-training session who has lost 50lbs already. Awesome.  She said another guy who had just left had shed a load too and had such a new lease of life, a newfound confidence that he just looks into the mirror every morning and feels totally stoked.

This made me smile.  I love seeing people happy with what they’ve achieved … beyond the smile there’s an inner contentment and pride that radiates from their beaming faces … like a lit candle that no-one can extinguish. I find it motivational for myself too in pushing to achieve my own goals.

Sometimes you see people really struggling to get fit or lose weight.  I see it often at Fitness First despite great support along their journey. I guess their efforts are often so wrapped up in guilt and frustration … it’s all to easy to beat yourself up when you’ve tripped up in a programme, made a bad choice, not seen the results that you wanted and so on …

The more I thought about it, I realised that this is yet another scenario that needs a little reframing.  If overweight, forget trying to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get skinny’  … if unfit, forget making crazy hard goals and breaking yourself trying to reach them by a certain date or event. There’s far more to life than a single event and far more to an individual than their physical appearance …

Instead, make your goal about giving yourself a better life. Strive to be the best version of yourself you can be and understand that to get there, you need to love what you start with.  Never starve yourself, take care not to over-exercise, take rest days when your body tells you to and when you deviate a little? Don’t beat yourself up about it … jut get back on track and try to make the best choices you can in any given moment.

Thoughts for today then regardless of how long a journey you have ahead of you:

Love your body and what it can do today

Make the best choices you can in each moment

If you make a choice that’s not the best, your next choice can still be a good one

Listen to your body and don’t push it past its limits

Push hard when you feel strong and pull pack when otherwise

Eat food that tastes good AND fuels your body and your life

Have a great week everyone!


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