Yoga is for chicks AND dicks

Posted on May 6, 2012


Question: Is yoga just for girls?

Answer: No … no no no!

When Zak, the king of chiro had me doing a few mobility exercises a couple of weeks back, he seemed surprised at my flexibility and balance despite the mileage in my feet.  Without having to even mutter a word, I answered the question I knew he was thinking with ‘I do lots of yoga.’ ‘Ahhh’, he said, ‘that’s great’.  I then said, ‘come to a class with me’. Zak’s response? Sudden recoil! This happens often with boys … and I think it’s simply because they think yoga a girls thing … a bit like ordering a salad in a restaurant or going to a sports bar to catch a game and ordering a glass of pinot grigio instead of a beer.  It’s just not deemed man enough.

Well boys … read this and think again …

  • Man-up. Thousands of years 
ago, yoga was practiced ONLY by men. The practice was designed by men, for men.
 You could argue then that us chicks are just crashing the party. So if you’re worried that you won’t fit in or that it won’t be physically demanding enough for you, give it a try before you pass judgment. I dare you!
  • Be better. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weights room fanatic or you like to play ball, yoga will help you get better at it. Physically it helps you find balance so if you’re strong, it will help your flexibility and if you’re flexible, it will help you build strength. Mentally, it will give you a way to handle pressure and stress. Think of it as a secret weapon to aid you in all you do.
  • Lycra or pink isn’t necessary. Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in. There’s no dress code and you probably won’t be the only guy there. No one will be watching to see how flexible … or otherwise … you are as everyone is focusing on their own movement.
  • Win brownie points. If your wife, girlfriend, lover or others likes to practise yoga, think about how many brownie points you’ll get for going to a class with her and showing some interest in something she really cares about? If you’re in the doghouse for any reason, this will get you out!
  • Scout for chicks. And, if you’re single, with a girl-to-guy ratio that sits heavily in your favour (more than 70% of yoga-goers today are gals), you’ll have way better odds of meeting someone special in a class than elsewhere. Plus the women will all be in great shape, smart and probably run a little deeper than the caliber of gals you might find on a Dubai dance floor!
  • Discover yourself. I know guys feel a lot of pressure
 to be super tough and strong but sometimes you show even more strength if you leave that tough-guy exterior at the door and let your guard down. Just being yourself can be hugely liberating and a yoga class is an easy place to do this.
  • Strengthen & define. You’ll feel stronger and get more defined. Working a plank pose in a basic sun salutation provides a great upper body workout.
  • Hello six-pack. Sit-ups and crunches only take you so far as they become repetitive and your body becomes familiar with the movement. Yoga, on the other hand, will help you use and develop your core in relation to your other muscles and body parts. Translation? Hello six-pack abs.
  • De-stress. Unlike us chicks who have mastered dealing with stress down to a fine art … think occasional sulks, random tantrums, rants to girlfriends and tubs of Ben & Jerry’s … most guys tend to hold stress in. The result is sleep deprivation, lack of focus, unreflective eating or too much beer. Go to a yoga class that’s challenging though and you’ll be 100% focused on your pose and breath so your stress will most likely be left at the door.
  • Be present. You’ll become more mindful. You know that concept called ‘mindfulness’ that chicks always talk about these days? You know, being present? Paying attention to all the little things, concentrating on your breath and focusing on the moment. You’ll do all that better, too.

So ladies … if reading this and thinking of any guys you know who could benefit from yoga, forward this post to them. Or better still pick up the phone and tell them they have a yoga date. And gents … consider all the above then give a class a go. It’s time we put a stop to the boys who work out hard, lift heavy, grunt regularly and cardio like crazy but can’t fathom touching their toes or standing on one leg.

As for you Dr Zak … I shall be in touch this week to organise our yoga date! 

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