It’s all about Balance

Posted on May 9, 2012


After a visit this morning to the dentist, I thought it only fair that I treat myself to a little pampering and so … off to Balance Wellness 360 I went.  I’ve heard great things about the place from the colonic queen Kay Vosloo and well, what Kay rates I know I’ll think is great …

The place is lush … once inside, the harshly lit mall seemed like a distant memory and in its place were the smell of aromatherapy oils, the sounds of lapping water, green leaves, grey slate, oriental woods and a team of über friendly ladies who bend over backwards to make sure you feel like a princess.

First up I had a divine Oriental Foot Massage.  After my race in Lijiang followed by some great trail runs in Hong Kong last week, my poor feet are definitely in need of some TLC. I felt like I was walking on air afterwards and now feel fully prepared to put on some sky-high Choos for tonights planned escapades.

I then had a Holistic Body Type Analysis … just for fun … and wow … it was very very cool!  I guess the ‘Western’ equivalent would be a Body Composition Analysis except it just gives figures, stats and numbers … normally higher than we’d like to see … rather than usable advice and suggestions.

The doctor, Dr George from Kerala, was super sweet. He asked me a few basic details then got to work … i.e. he just placed his fingers lightly on my wrist and basically ‘read’ my pulse for around 15 minutes. Based on ayurvedic principles, a pulse diagnosis can reveal a myriad of info from what your diet’s like, your training regime, sleeping patterns, stress levels, therapies that work best for you and so on …

In the short time that Dr George read me, he said:

  • I should only ever get seven hours sleep, never more or I will be tired. CORRECT.
  • I don’t drink enough water. CORRECT.
  • I have huge problems quietening my monkey mind. CORRECT.
  • I used to be a Marlborough Light … nicotine still remains in my blood.  CORRECT.
  • And then he asked if I’m on any meds or taking any supplements.  No, I said. He said this was odd as he could tell there are proteins and minerals in my bloodstream which derive not from my diet.  Then I remembered … I’ve been trialling a new drug recently which must be responsible. BIZARRE!
  • He said a few other things … all just very spot on … and unless Dr George is in fact a closet fit chicks & fast women fan, he definitely derived all from my tattoo-adorned wrist!

They have an eternity of divine sounding treatments as well as yoga and pilates. Next door is a salon called Spaces (50% off on Mondays … I like!) as well as Balance Café with a menu of scrummy yummy food, all very healthy and all very reasonably-priced.

I think I may just be back there soon … can never pay enough attention to Balance in our lives after all!

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