Nuts about coconuts

Posted on May 12, 2012


Todays post is all about COCONUTS … is there no end to their talent?

Not only is coconut water (have you tried O.N.E yet?) the bees knees when it comes to a highly energising, nutritious and delicious thirst quencher … and not only are coconut shells an amazingly effective tool to massage your feet and stretch your calves (just half a coconut, place the two half shells on the ground and then stand and stretch on them … works a treat for sore, tired legs) but coconut oil is also an amazing cost-saving multi-tasker that deserves a place in all our lives … in the kitchen, the bathroom AND the bedroom!

Here’s why:

  • For cooking at high heat. Coconut oil has earned itself a bone fide health halo because unlike many other oils, it doesn’t become unsafe at high temps. It tastes yum too especially with salmon and sweet potatoes.
  • As a cheekbone highlighter. Sweep a little on your cheeks then bask in the glory of your youthful glow … also a great lip shine too.
  • To shave legs. Applies only to girls of course … or tri-athletes I guess. So good because you get a really close shave and don’t need to moisturise afterwards.
  • As a deep-conditioning hair treatment. Notice how lots of conditioners use coconut oil? There’s a reason for this … because it penetrates hair better than other oils. Perfect then to tend to our over-GHD’s locks.
  • To remove eye makeup. Put a little on a cotton pad and sweep it over your eyes gently. It even works on waterproof mascara.
  • As a personal lubricant. Saucy I know! Bear in mind not to use with a willy wetsuit though (oil + latex = 9 months later having to sacrifice sexy Choos for baby shoes)
  • As a face moisturiser. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, calming and moisturising … best for those with dry skin or last thing after spending all day in air con.
  • As a body moisturiser. So soft. So so soft! And it makes you smell like a moreish coconut macaroon.
  • As a day-time hair tamer. Cute on your ends and / or for brunettes with dry hair.  Avoid if you are blonde because it might look really greasy.
  • Gluten-free and vegan baking. It’s a staple. It tastes really good and it is a great way to mask the chalky taste you can get otherwise with gluten-free baking.

You can buy coconut oil at most supermarkets in the cooking oil section.  Just try get the raw, organic and virgin option. I first fell in love with coconut oil in Morocco … Marrakesh is one of my top all time cities … and I remember like it was yesterday, after a day splashing in the pool, haggling in the souks and wining and dining in amazing restaurants by night, I wanted nothing more than to sit on the balcony, nightcap in hand under the cool star-filled sky, feeling enveloped head to toe in the stuff. Recapturing the memories as I type, I know will leave me with a secret smile for the rest of the day …

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