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Posted on May 21, 2012


I started putting digit to keyboard some time ago to write the book that is bursting inside me.  The synopsis was developed and some publishers contacted … but now, months later, I am no further forward. A little work, a lot of play, a good serving of training and a large dollop of travel and adventure always seem to get in the way.

Then yesterday, I came across some funny emails about ultra runners who write and was reminded to revisit my plans. Fast-forward an Americano or two and some further distraction from my days ‘to do’ list and I came up with the ultimate (and somewhat revised) chapter breakdown below.

Surely, with content like this, every ultra runner could identify!

Tori’s Take on Ultra Running

Chapter 1: Training

Run when you can, as much as you can, as far as you can, at whatever pace you can in order to repeat this day after day after day after day.

Chapter 2: Fuelling

Eat when you are hungry. Drink when you are thirsty. Remember that very long races are essentially an eating contest with a little bit of running thrown in for good measure.

Chapter 3: Racing

Go out to fast. Bonk. Don’t go out too fast. Complete race.  Tackle every event as a personal journey … forget the rest, just be the best … the best that you can be on that particular day.

Chapter 4: Choosing Races

How to pick your ‘A’ race? A race should not be selected on the basis of it’s terrain, distance or difficulty.  It should be picked to be combined, in some fabulously exotic place, with party time with the girls, quality time with your family, retail therapy and / or romance.

Chapter 5: Recovering

Rest after your ultra? Whatever!! We’re all typical type A’s who don’t understand the meaning of the word. Besides, plenty of time for rest when we’re dead.

Chapter 6: Dealing with Injury

Rest up?  Nah. Just run on it. Some cubes of ice and a little Vitamin I tend to go a long way.

Chapter 7: Blogging

Start a blog about running and bore everyone you know with rambles on a daily basis.  Hey it might not pay the bills but it will soon come way up your list of priorities regardless.

Chapter 8: Socialising

Vino and vodka need not be given a wide berth nor does the occasional super late night or even a cheeky little Shisha. Everything in moderation!

Chapter 9: Lovin’

The secret of a happy relationship? Marry another runner. Or don’t and then eventually get a divorce. I chose the latter and whilst I have no regrets whatsoever (Aiden remains one of my BFF’s), I shall keep this in mind when picking my next victim!

Chapter 10: Scrubbing up (when training)

How to look hot when you’re out for a long training run.  You never know who you might meet after all so colour co-ordination should never be overlooked nor should wearing this seasons (adidas) colours  or cute hairbands (enter Sweaty Bands)

Chapter 11: Scrubbing up (by night)

How to deal with the physical scars of ultra running … black or no toe nails / silly tan lines / raw scars from chaffing etc … when you want to don an LBD plus sky-high Choos and look like a fox.

Chapter  12: Retiring

What to do when your ultra running days are up.  Not figured this one out for myself yet. Become a yogi perhaps? People like us can’t just find a new occasional hobby … we don’t do things by halves so we need to find a replacement that we can become obsessive compulsive over.

Time now to get back to some real (paid) work but def. a little step forward now so hey, give me a few more months and I might have nailed a few chapters …


PS. Pic of me and my favourite running partner in crime … Rachel Jacqueline … a duo with dynamite galore! x

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