Calling all material girls (& guys)

Posted on May 31, 2012


Today a post with zero relevance to sport, fitness, health, wellness or running … instead it’s a BIG shout out to all of us who live in a very material world and might be able to give up some of those materials.

Mid-June, I head to my second home … Nepal … this time not to run far or climb high however … this time to give back a little to one of the world’s poorest countries with without doubt some of the most incredibly humble, giving, kind and welcoming people on the planet.  A large proportion of Nepal’s population live on less that $US1 a day … difficult to imagine …

As you know, I’m a big supporter of Children of the Mountain (we build schools in the Tandrang area) but my support for them to date has been more of the cold, hard cash variety. This time I’m heading to an ecovillage in the Kathmandu Valley called Hamro Gaun with my big brother Roy. The charity is a Dutch organisation called Stickting Veldwerk and the work they do is ab fab. Our days will be spent preparing the village for the monsoon season and helping in the orphanage there. The village cares for and educates 45 orphans and a further 35 poor children from surrounding areas. Around 20 young women also receive vocational skills training.

My big ask today is … how could YOU help these kids? 

  • If you have old working mobiles or laptops gathering dust at home PLEASE can I take them to the village?  Access to movies and the internet connects these kids to the world and is a powerful educational tool.
  • For the younger kids, have you any children’s DVD’s that your lot have tired of?
  • And, if neither of the above, how about next time you’re at the mall, picking up a couple of kids books, comics, stickers, DVD’s etc? There are always cracking bargains to be had at the big supermarkets …
  • Finally, if you work in an office with lots of other bods, perhaps you could share this post with them and spread the word?

Please drop me an email at re any of the above.  I can come collect anywhere in Dubai although be warned, I shall probably combine with training so may arrive very sweaty and in need of some cool H2O!

Finally, if you have any top connections at Fly Dubai, let me know so I can do some damage limitation before putting the above luggage on the scales at check in. I never manage to stay under the limit with just my own excess materials never mind stuff to plant smiles on lots of other faces.

Whether you manage to give a little or a lot, you’ve got this far so thanks for reading, thanks for sharing … and spend a moment today thinking about how fortunate we all are to take all these very simple things for granted.

Spend a moment too to remind yourself that one of the most rewarding things in the world is helping others …


PS.  There are plenty of other ways you can support this great project be it by financial donation, sponsoring a child, volunteering yourself or … if you work in HR, what about implementing a cool corporate initiative such as a day in the office where people can choose to have their salary donated directly?  Get creative & get giving!

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