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Posted on June 8, 2012


Being the purist that I am in terms of training without schedules, watches, heart rate monitors, gizmos or gadgets, you might think would make me shy away from some scientific performance analysis … but when AeroFit came to town, I read all about it and felt just a little intrigued.  Then when I started seeing the company crop up all over the place from running club newsletters to social media pages and event collateral, I felt I should at least find out more and even try it for myself before ear-marking it for the kind of runners who do track sessions and obsess over their stats … (no offence intended!)

So earlier this week I found myself parking up at the lush Address Hotel at Dubai Mall and heading up to the fitness centre.  There I met with Sreeya, the queen behind the scene at AeroFit here in the UAE.

In a nutshell, you turn up, run on a treadmill, starting slowly and getting progressively quicker and every two minutes you breathe for 30 seconds into a mouthpiece. Easy, very easy, even for me who can count the times she has stood on a treadmill on one hand and has an aversion to treadmill running akin to nut allergy sufferers tucking into a pecan pie. But back to the scan …

The technology, hailing from Germany, basically scans your fitness levels via your body metabolism, which you can then use to alter your training schedule whether your objective is to lose weight, improve performance or tone up. It determines your VO2, anaerobic threshold, fat and carb metabolism levels and optimum training zones. And when training programmes are adjusted according to these zones, speed, performance and stamina area all improved.

I was given a printed report with all my results straight away followed by an email with specific training suggestions. I’ve been recommended to start training at a lower heart rate (not that I’ve any idea about my current levels when training) for the next 12 weeks and thereafter, incorporate more interval style training. Speed work? The only speed work I currently do is at my keyboard when a deadline is hovering over me like a dark cloud on the brink of a thunder storm. This, Sreeya explained, will improve my body’s ability to burn fat rather than the easier to burn carbs. As for why that’s important?

Because the body stores approximately 80,000 kcals of fat but only about 1,700 kcals of carbohydrates. This carbohydrate storage isn’t enough for high endurance sports where you’re burning between 700-1,000 kcals of carbs per hour. Even if you scoff your way round a training sesh or race, your body can only absorb around 250 kcals of carbs per hour so this won’t make up for the deficit you are building. The key then is to teach your body to increase its fat metabolism to give you sustained energy at higher speeds and better stamina.

Here in Dubai, and indeed many places, we’re pretty time poor … work, family, friends, play and play and play (!) often get in the way but with the results derived from the aeroscan, AeroFit claims that you can get the most out of your training sessions and enjoy fast and measurable improvements.

The scan has gone down a treat with all manner of athletes from the elite end of the scale to the weekend warriors … whether marathon maniacs, cycle crazy or triathlon mad. It’s not cheap – AED 750 for the treadmill scan or AED 1,200 for the run and bike scans combined – but then again, it’s not a big price either considering the time, money and effort we invest in our sport already.

Needless to say, having to run on a treadmill entitled me to a treat I thought so handy that I was a hop, skip and a jump from the world’s largest mall.  Some retail therapy and a nice long lunch certainly cushioned the blow whilst I actually contemplated dusting off my heart rate monitor and starting to explore new limits to my potential …

watch this space?!

Need to know:

Available at The Address Dubai Mall & Up and Running on Al Wasl Road

Visit www.aerofit.me

Contact info@aerofit.me or 050 506 8023

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